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Many employees turn to online courses for career development each year to enhance their workplace skills and achieve professional growth. However, is studying an online course what employees want and do they get the desired results? GetApp investigated by surveying over 1,000 employees who use online courses at work. … Continue Reading

Phishing attacks are an evolving cyber risk for companies and can easily catch staff unawares. Being prepared for an attack and knowing what to spot is absolutely vital to stopping phishing attempts from succeeding. Can phishing awareness training help small to midsize enterprises (SMEs) stem that tide? … Continue Reading

This article was originally published on 28/10/2021. Artificial intelligence (AI) in fraud detection offers a way for small to midsize enterprises (SMEs) to enhance security in their organisations. Discover how companies can protect themselves and their customers from fraudsters using this new automated technology. … Continue Reading

UK small to midsize enterprises (SMEs) have encountered many challenges over the last five years. Brexit, COVID-19, and then the cost of living crisis have battered businesses in quick succession. What can smaller companies do to prepare and manage when business crises occur? … Continue Reading

Being phished is an ever-present danger of the modern internet landscape. UK businesses may represent a key target for hackers due to the data and funds that they may hold and process. These dangers are often assumed to just be an issue for bigger businesses but increasingly, small to mid-sized enterprises (SMEs) could be becoming an attractive target for cybercriminals. … Continue Reading

This article was originally published on 05/05/2022. Video marketing is on the rise, and 86% of video marketers say that video content has been effective in generating leads. What then should marketers and content professionals in small to midsize enterprises (SMEs) do to react and set up an effective video marketing strategy for their business? … Continue Reading

Security is vital for small businesses but the rise of remote work adds an extra layer of complexity to safeguarding company systems and data. Data security for remote work cannot be compromised, so what are the solutions for security in workplaces that manage staff in a hybrid environment? … Continue Reading

Planning and creating content is only half the battle for marketers. The distribution of the newly created marketing assets is another essential factor that needs careful planning and actioning. This can get especially tricky when thinking about how to balance multiple content distribution goals for your brand. … Continue Reading

This article was originally published on 08/06/2022. Staff in law firms have to stay on top of a mountain of information that accumulates from clients, staff, and legal processes themselves. Luckily, legal case management software provides an answer to keeping track of everything. … Continue Reading

Remote and hybrid working models in the UK have become increasingly common for businesses since the COVID-19 pandemic. However, whilst these models may win favour with some workers, the shift to remote work in the UK has significant implications on how a business is organised. … Continue Reading

Artificial intelligence (AI) tools in the workplace are a hot-button issue, especially in the human resources (HR) field. Are AI solutions the answer to optimising HR in small to midsize enterprises (SMEs), and are workers ready to shift towards autonomous systems in making staffing decisions? … Continue Reading

With high inflation gripping the UK well into 2023, the human resources (HR) departments of small to midsize enterprises (SMEs) may have tough decisions to make to respond to lower revenues and rising costs. GetApp investigated the strategies currently used for employee offboarding to learn more about how SMEs prep for potential staff losses.   … Continue Reading

To explore consumer sentiment around the trustworthiness of search results derived from search engines and social media platforms, we surveyed 1,021 web users in the UK. Read on to learn more about this and how small businesses can use these insights to build a better online presence. … Continue Reading

Are you looking for workflow management software for your accounting business? Read this article to check out the best five workflow management software designed for accountants that have been shortlisted based on user ratings and reviews. … Continue Reading

The rise of social media platforms has possibly given consumers alternatives to conventional search platforms. In this article, we will dive deeper into user sentiment around using social media and regular search engines for carrying out searches online. … Continue Reading

Operating a small to midsize enterprise (SME) in a physical location, whether in a shared coworking space or a dedicated location, can require facility managers to monitor usage and provide secure entry access to guests. Visitor management for real estate, therefore, is a primary concern of any onsite manager or building administrator. … Continue Reading

Managing the vast amount of information needed to complete business-to-business (B2B) transactions is a complex and time-consuming task to run manually, with mistakes in the processes proving costly. However, this all can be greatly simplified for firms as they scale up their operations with the use of electronic data interchange (meaning EDI) and EDI software.  … Continue Reading

Data security is a major concern for both companies and online consumers. As more and more services run on data, protecting the information gathered and generating trust is vital. How can small to midsize enterprises (SMEs) build company trust during the more formative stages of their development when that initial public confidence must be earned? … Continue Reading

Digital trust is vital for the online reputation of small to midsize enterprises (SMEs) and can prove decisive in consumers’ purchasing decisions. Ensuring compliance with GDPR rules is essential to safeguard sensitive personal data, but there are also many other factors that affect digital trust in a company.   … Continue Reading

In part one of our research into flexibility at work, we saw that small and midsize enterprise (SME) employees showed a strong interest in flexible hours, working from home, and a four-day working week. In this second look into our data, we consider how businesses can use tools like enterprise communication software, time-tracking software, and other organisational solutions to make this a reality.   … Continue Reading

Digital asset management (DAM) tools are a common way to help businesses organise important digital property, such as videos, photos, and training info decks. However, how can small to midsize enterprises (SMEs) choose the best digital asset management software for small businesses? We investigated the options for the best free digital asset management software in the UK market to find out. … Continue Reading

The expectation of a five-day working week for office workers has been with us for over a century, but is the time now right for change? Following the shifts in flexible working seen during the COVID-19 pandemic and the recent successful trial of a four-day working week in UK companies, are worker attitudes also moving with the times? … Continue Reading

Selling to businesses requires a more strategic approach than selling to consumers. Here’s how account mapping can help you plan your route to success. … Continue Reading

RFID technology may help businesses streamline the process of inventory management. Want to know how? Read the article to know more. … Continue Reading

Social media monitoring is an ever-changing field, and nothing stays the same for very long. We observed in our previous report that small-to-midsize enterprises (SMEs) still value established platforms and dedicate time and resources to producing regular content, but where do they aim to find the extra return on investment (ROI) from these channels in 2023? … Continue Reading

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