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Published on 11/08/2020 by Caroline Rousseau and Sonia Navarrete

In the course of your work, you regularly meet new people and accumulate many business cards as you go along. You’re already looking forward to contacting and reactivating your contacts, but first, you’ll have to register their details and the business cards you’ve collected won’t digitise themselves! All the more so as they can quickly be lost and with them, business opportunities. 

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To make it simpler you can install a business card scan applications on your iPhone. And it’s even better if this app works with your CRM software. Not only will you be able to save your data, but you can also make sure that it is easily accessible where you need it the most, i.e. in your CRM.

It will help you to store and organise your contacts intelligently, improve your customer relations, boost your sales and, in absolute terms, save paper.

4 applications for scanning business cards

In this article, we present four iPhone business card scanning applications that integrate with a CRM (except Covve which works as a CRM in itself). 

The applications are presented here as listed on GetApp UK by search volume (from higher to lower). You will find the full methodology used to select them at the bottom of this article.

Adobe Spark 

adobe spark

Adobe Spark overview (source)

Overall rating: 4.5/5

Adobe Spark allows users to create graphics, web pages and video from its mobile app or web page. Adobe Spark offers three options: Spark Post, designed to create engaging content for social media posts; Spark Page, designed to create web pages with tailored content and visuals; and Spark Video, to create custom videos.

The free version of Adobe Spark allows users to have an initial try creating free templates using Adobe’s free image and icons. The Individual plan offers two months for free (*offer at the time of writing this article) and includes a few more features. For example, with this plan, users can invite other creators to work on the project, use already made templates from Adobe and personalise projects with colours and branding.

Key features:

  • Customisable card templates
  • Allows project synchronisation across web and app
  • Professional themes available

Rates :

  • The free version allows choosing from a number of images and icons
  • The Individual version costs €12.09 (around £11) per month.
  • The Team version costs €24.19 (around £22) per month on an annual plan.

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Haystack overview (source)

Overall rating: 5/5

The free version of Haystack includes all the essential features of a business card scanner: unlimited scans and contacts, contact sharing via QR code or URL (handy for sharing with someone who doesn’t have the application) and card personalisation using social links and images.

The Business version includes more advanced features such as customisable templates, dashboard and data analytics, permissions, customer service and integration with third-party software.  Haystack integrates with many communication tools or CRM software such as Gmail, Hubspot, Slack, Salesforce or MailChimp to name but a few. It is possible to integrate a Haystack card as an email signature, allowing the recipient to directly access all the information and links that one has chosen to share.

Key features :

  • Business card scanner
  • 25 recognised languages
  • Customisable card templates
  • Dashboard and analytics
  • Intelligent email signature
  • Integration with many tools

Rates :

  • The free version allows an unlimited number of scans and contact sharing.
  • The Business version costs $7.95 (about £6.09) per month and $3 (about £2.30) per additional user and offers more features (see above).
  • An Enterprise version is available for a price quote and offers tailored functionality and advanced customer support.

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Covve overview (source)

Overall rating: 4.4/5

Covve is a business card scanning tool that can scan up to 30 languages and allows you to add notes and reminders about your contacts. These can be exported to Outlook, Excel or Google Contacts.

The application also offers a contact enhancement function: suggestions are made to complete or update a person’s information (company, social media, places…). Its engine based on artificial intelligence selects news about your contacts’ companies on the web. These notifications may suggest an opportunity to contact or recontact someone.

The free version includes the scanning of 10 business cards per month, alerts, notes, reminders and labels, as well as export, news and contact enhancement.

The Pro version is a real little pocket CRM: it includes all the free options and offers an advanced version of the news and contact enhancement features, daily information backup and customer support.

Key features :

  • Business card scanner
  • 30 recognised languages
  • Managing and sharing contacts
  • History of activity
  • News Feed
  • Smart notifications and suggestions

Rates :

  • The free version Business Card Scanner by Covve allows you to scan 10 business cards per month.
  • A $2.99 (approximately £2.29) version allows you to scan up to 50 cards per month.
  • The Pro version with unlimited card scanning costs $15 (about £11.50) per month, or $89.99 (about £68.9) per year.
  • Teams of more than 50 people will need to inquire for a custom price.

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ABBYY Business Card Reader


ABBYY Business Card Reader overview (source)

Overall rating: 4.6/5

ABBYY Business Card Reader is a free business card scanning application that recognises 25 languages and up to 3 languages on a single card. You can save the extracted data to your phone’s phonebook and retrieve the scanned cards with the iPhone’s search function. The information is synchronised on all devices.

When scanning, OCR technology highlights “unusual” characters and asks for confirmation before saving. The application can also fill in incomplete fields and automatically add the profile image of a social network they have shared. Locations, when they have been shared, are also gathered on a map.

Other features are available if you decide to pay, such as unlimited scanning, export to Excel or Salesforce.

Key features :

  • Business card scanner
  • 25 recognised languages
  • Managing and sharing contacts
  • Automatic filling
  • Voice recognition via Siri Shortcuts
  • Integration with Salesforce (Premium version)

Rates :

  • Free version available.
  • Paid versions: $7.99 per month (about £6.12) or $29.99 (about £23) per month on annual billing.

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Need to organise your contacts?

Found the right business card scanning app for you? Now you need to manage your contacts. If you don’t have CRM software yet, or if the one you use doesn’t convince you, check out our CRM tools catalogue. Many are compatible with these business card scanning apps!

Would you like to know more? Take a look at our business card software catalogue.


  • The iPhone app has a compatible business card scanner functionality
  • Overall score of at least 4 out of 5 in the business card software category on
  • Most reviews in this category on GetApp UK
  • Free version or trial available


This article may refer to products, programs or services that are not available in your country, or that may be restricted under the laws or regulations of your country. We suggest that you consult the software provider directly for information regarding product availability and compliance with local laws.

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Content Analyst specializing in trends and challenges of new technologies in the professional world. Passions: Albert Camus, art, riddles.

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Senior Content Analyst at Capterra, helping SMEs choose the best software. Published in Raconteur, Computer Weekly and IT Pro. Journalist and PR. Nature, bike and dog lover.