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Social media as a marketing tool provides businesses with multiple channels to enhance their brand image, create two-way channels with consumers, and determine audience sentiment towards their operations. But how critical is social media marketing for small business? GetApp’s survey gathers insights from 250+ UK firms. … Continue Reading

Legal firms can be complicated organisations to manage. In small to mid-size enterprises (SMEs), having a staff member with a managerial role to coordinate the staffing, finance, compliance, and admin of legal cases can prove vital. In this article, we look at what practice managers in UK law firms bring to their employers and when companies should consider hiring them.  … Continue Reading

As we saw in our first report looking at how small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs) are coping with higher electricity prices, managing a workplace’s energy supply requires more attention than ever. With that in mind, what impacts do software platforms for energy monitoring and renewable electricity sources have on alleviating these problems?  … Continue Reading

In this article, we have curated a list of the best customer loyalty program software which can be used by small and midsized enterprises (SMEs) to attract new customers while also improving the experience for existing buyers. … Continue Reading

UK electricity prices rose sharply throughout 2022 and are expected to stay high for the foreseeable future. Rather unsurprisingly, this is having an acute impact on British businesses and is making managing workplace energy supply even more critical for company leaders. Where does this leave small-to-midsize enterprises (SMEs)? … Continue Reading

When you work in a law office or run a business, legal documents are a fact of life. From wills to court summons to client communications, paperwork is a big part of the job in the legal industry and beyond. Keeping everything organised is a challenge, but legal document management software can go a long way to making the task easier to handle. … Continue Reading

What is drop servicing?

Published on 12/12/2022 by Sukanya Awasthi

Many people have heard of dropshipping but do you know what is drop servicing? In this article, we will help you understand this concept and give tips on how you can start your own drop servicing business. … Continue Reading

Can the metaverse ever replace offline shopping? What do consumers think about brands using the metaverse for a virtual shopping experience? What are people most interested in buying in the metaverse? Read along to find out how surveyed consumers in the UK feel about the metaverse and its potential to improve the eCommerce experience. … Continue Reading

How do people in the UK feel about the concept of the metaverse? To find out, GetApp surveyed Britons to understand their awareness, perceptions, and adoption of this virtual reality space. Read along to learn more about our findings in this first part of a two-part series. … Continue Reading

This article was originally published on 21/10/2021 Generation Z (also known as Gen Z or Centennials) is increasingly represented in the UK’s workforce. Their unique experiences and expectations compared with their older millennial, Gen X, and even baby boomer colleagues require new approaches to online collaboration and employee communication from company leaders. How can businesses adapt to this? … Continue Reading

This article was originally published on 15/12/2021. … Continue Reading

This article was originally published on 22/07/2022 Having all your sales operations managed in a single place can make running a business much smoother, and one way to achieve that is via unified commerce. This eCommerce solution lets businesses simplify customer journeys so that the buying experience is unified from product discovery to final purchase and beyond. … Continue Reading

A tutoring company conducting training requires a lot of coordination, especially if you’re only a small learning startup team. There are schedules to manage, invoices to create, marketing to plan and, of course, actual teaching to do. Luckily, this is where online tutoring software can help you manage all of that digitally. … Continue Reading

Practices such as General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) management follow strict guidelines for how first-party data must be collected by companies. However, is that enough to ensure data privacy for the UK ’s online shoppers is truly felt by the public? Furthermore, does this lead to the widespread use of data protection tools? … Continue Reading

Data drives online business, but with that power comes great responsibility. Businesses that collect, store, and process first-party data must comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which protects consumer data privacy and states consent is vital at all times. This makes trust key to obtaining essential information from the public. Are companies doing enough to establish that confidence? … Continue Reading

How do job seekers feel about recruitment processes in the UK? To find out, GetApp surveyed employees to gauge their sentiments regarding the various elements and steps involved in the process. Read along to learn more about our findings in this second part of a two-part series. … Continue Reading

Is the UK job market witnessing a labour shortage? How severely are companies being impacted by it? Is recruitment technology acting as an aid for companies? To find out, GetApp surveyed recruiters to gauge their sentiments around these questions. Read along to learn more about our findings in this first part of a two-part series. … Continue Reading

The British public loves a bargain, and that has been reflected in GetApp’s latest study investigating the UK’s circular economy consumer behaviour. Rather than rewarding sellers for cutting waste, improving recycling practices, or lowering energy uses, our participants showed that cost saving was the main reason they bought second-hand and used products.  … Continue Reading

The use of circular economy practices by UK companies could prove an essential way to control waste management and energy usage at a time of environmental crisis. However, many doubt the adoption of circular principles is driven by sincere environmental beliefs. In our latest survey, participants expressed cynicism about why businesses adopt circular economy practices. … Continue Reading

Keeping track of the people in your workspaces is an essential safety and security measure for companies. In today’s digital world, visitor management systems can simplify this task for UK businesses, giving SMEs a clear picture of who is attending a company-managed space whilst giving security clearance to office visitors and invited guests. … Continue Reading

We are living in a new age where remote work is common. A plan to maintain company culture when you have a distributed workforce is now a must. Creating a healthy organisational culture takes more than just having capable internal communication software; SMEs also need to strategise to get the best results. … Continue Reading

Healthcare companies are possibly using virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technology with an aim to transform the healthcare sector digitally. Read further to learn more about the application of AR/VR in healthcare and how they can offer immersive real-life simulations for a better experience. … Continue Reading

Note: this article was updated 16/08/2023 Technology opens up all sorts of possibilities for retail management. One of these innovations is text-to-shop, which offers a way for businesses to implement checkout-less shopping for online purchases. In this article, we explore how this technology works and what the British public thinks about it.  … Continue Reading

Note: this article was updated on 16/08/2023. Is checkout-free shopping the next big thing in the world of retail management? Technology is making the in-store experience faster and more convenient every day. However, the scale at which innovations like this enter day-to-day life depends heavily on public acceptance and adoption. … Continue Reading

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