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Published on 01/08/2022 by David Jani

We are living in a new age where remote work is common. A plan to maintain company culture when you have a distributed workforce is now a must. Creating a healthy organisational culture takes more than just having capable internal communication software; SMEs also need to strategise to get the best results. … Continue Reading

Published on 14/07/2022 by Sukanya Awasthi

Healthcare companies are possibly using virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technology with an aim to transform the healthcare sector digitally. Read further to learn more about the application of AR/VR in healthcare and how they can offer immersive real-life simulations for a better experience. … Continue Reading

Published on 22/06/2022 by David Jani

Note: this article was updated 16/08/2023 Technology opens up all sorts of possibilities for retail management. One of these innovations is text-to-shop, which offers a way for businesses to implement checkout-less shopping for online purchases. In this article, we explore how this technology works and what the British public thinks about it.  … Continue Reading

Published on 20/06/2022 by David Jani

Note: this article was updated on 16/08/2023. Is checkout-free shopping the next big thing in the world of retail management? Technology is making the in-store experience faster and more convenient every day. However, the scale at which innovations like this enter day-to-day life depends heavily on public acceptance and adoption. … Continue Reading

Published on 14/06/2022 by Sukanya Awasthi

The United Kingdom is a becoming a growing market for agricultural transformation. In 2021, a £1.3 billion investment was made in Agri-Tech deals in the UK. In this article, we will look at the state of Agri-Tech in the UK, the sentiments of farmers around the same, and which technology are helping drive this digital transformation. … Continue Reading

Published on 10/06/2022 by David Jani

As a small-to-medium-sized enterprise (SME), finding and keeping top talent can be crucial for long term success. The world of human resources is always changing and, to get a better idea of how to hold on to experienced staff, GetApp has spoken to those in the know.  … Continue Reading

Published on 29/04/2022 by David Jani and Quirine Storm van Leeuwen

Diversity and inclusion are an essential part of sustainable business practice. GetApp’s research in October last year in SMEs found that 68% of UK SME employees believe their companies actively promote workplace diversity. … Continue Reading

Published on 29/04/2022 by Sukanya Awasthi

Administrative chores can take up a lot of time and possibly reduce the productivity of employees. A robotic process automation (RPA) system can help companies automate mundane, repetitive and labour-intensive tasks, and cut costs. … Continue Reading

Published on 13/04/2022 by Sukanya Awasthi

The global technology landscape could be quickly changing with newer and more advanced technology being introduced in the market every few years. In this article, we will look at the top four technology trends which could potentially be garnering the attention of small to midsize enterprises (SMEs) in 2022. … Continue Reading

Published on 04/04/2022 by David Jani

A big question to come out of the pandemic is whether small to midsize enterprises (SMEs) are doing enough to respond to the workforce’s increased mental wellbeing needs. As our survey discovered, many Human Resources (HR) teams and employers could do a lot more. … Continue Reading

Published on 24/03/2022 by Eduardo Garcia

Businesses working with physical stock need to find ways to keep track of their inventory. This article looks at the five best-rated inventory management tools as ranked by the users of  … Continue Reading

Published on 17/03/2022 by David Jani

The pandemic has been a challenge for managing mental wellbeing. Whilst many COVID-19 restrictions are no longer in place, there are still lingering effects that workers, human resources teams, and company heads face when managing mental health in the workplace.  … Continue Reading

Published on 07/03/2022 by Sukanya Awasthi

This article will look at the marketing and technology (MarTech) landscape among small to midsize enterprises (SMEs), along with the benefits it offers and the challenges faced by businesses. … Continue Reading

Published on 03/03/2022 by Sukanya Awasthi

This article will look at the best four personal trainer software along with their key features. We will also learn about the benefits offered by these tools to personal trainers. … Continue Reading

Published on 11/02/2022 by Sukanya Awasthi

This article will talk about a digital revolution in the bars and restaurants business. We will also look at how COVID-19 has affected the digital transformation of the hospitality industry. … Continue Reading

Published on 08/02/2022 by Sonia Navarrete and David Jani

This article was originally published on 31/01/2020 … Continue Reading

Published on 25/11/2021 by Sukanya Awasthi

Diversity in the small to midsize enterprise (SME) is a broad topic. In previous articles, we have explored it from the point of view of managers and begun to see how employees think and act regarding diversity. In this second article focusing on employees and diversity, we examine some of the issues in more detail. … Continue Reading

Published on 15/11/2021 by Sukanya Awasthi

By any measure, the UK is a diverse place to live. According to data from the latest published census in 2011, 13% of the population belong to a non-white ethnic group — defined as Black, Asian, Mixed, or Other. But diversity also refers to other characteristics, including gender, gender identity, sexuality, religion, age, class, and physical ability. … Continue Reading

Published on 20/09/2021 by Sonia Navarrete

Reading the news or scrolling through social media, it is hard to escape the public discussion around diversity. Movements such as #BlackLivesMatter and #MeToo have raised awareness of the injustices that Black people and women face, for example, and have been supported by high-profile organisations like the English Premier League and the US congress. These movements, and others advocating for LGBTQIA+ people, people with disabilities, refugees, and neurodivergent people, among others, have forced us to reconsider whether our society treats everyone fairly. … Continue Reading

Published on 25/08/2021 by Sonia Navarrete

With Google announcing that it’s phasing out third-party cookies, how are companies preparing to collect customer data that will help them continue to target their audience? … Continue Reading

Published on 24/08/2021 by Sukanya Awasthi

As the UK is lifting restrictions and employees are returning to the office, businesses are looking at implementing a hybrid work model. As a result, companies are increasingly looking to adopt technologies like Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) and Desktop as a Service (DaaS) to meet the demands of remote working. … Continue Reading

Published on 19/07/2021 by Sonia Navarrete

Gartner defines project management as “the application of knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to project activities to meet the project requirements.”  … Continue Reading

Published on 15/07/2021 by Andrew Conrad and David Jani

This article was originally published on 23/02/2021 … Continue Reading

Published on 23/06/2021 by Sonia Navarrete

Weak passwords are one of the main vulnerabilities that hackers can exploit to infiltrate personal and enterprise IT systems. However, despite the many victims of password breaches, some users still fail to follow password best practices, for both work and personal accounts. … Continue Reading

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