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Voting and audience feedback software for churches and NGOs
Nemovote is a voting software designed to help NGOs, churches, student associations and other organizations gain audience feedback during events and meetings. Deployed online as NemoCloud, the platform allows participants to submit votes in advance as well as in real-time. Read more about NemoVote
Multilingual and customizable audience voting and surveys
VoxVote is a cloud-based mobile voting solution which allows businesses of all sizes to create custom quizzes, surveys, and polls and deploy them to customers via SMS or mobile in order to gather feedback, assess skills, gain insight, and more, and view results and responses in real time Read more about VoxVote
Live polling and Q&A solution for businesses of all sizes
Vevox is a live polling and Q&A solution that enables businesses of all sizes and educational institutions to streamline processes related to employee or student engagement, online meetings, classes and more. Read more about Vevox
Polling and survey software with learner engagement
TurningPoint is a polling and survey software that helps organizations conduct in-person and remote assessments using multiple choice, true or false, numeric response, and open-ended questions. Participants can respond using their own cell phone, tablet or computer. Read more about TurningPoint
Online Voting Made Simple!
AssociationVoting is a simple online voting platform which offers a range of voting services including hybrid elections, proxy voting services, certified results, voter verification services, postcard announcement, uncast ballot catcher, and more Read more about AssociationVoting
Cloud-based voting for election management across industries
Simply Voting is a web-based voting system that facilitates the management of ballot-based elections conducted by organizations across industries such as politics, education, unions, associations and local governments, promising a secured system conducted through custom, multilingual voting websites Read more about Simply Voting
Online voting system for organizations
Appsamblea is a cloud-based voting platform designed to help businesses, associations, sports clubs & public entities organize internal and external participatory processes or polls. Key features include customizable branding, analytics, remote access, and automatic notifications. Read more about Appsamblea
Online voting software
ezVote is an online voting solution designed to manage everything from single-question surveys to online & hybrid elections. The software is aimed at trade/professional organizations, HOAs, country clubs, alumni associations, churches, schools, charities, civic organizations, businesses, and more. Read more about ezVote
Secure online voting platform
OpaVote is a web-based voting software that supports ranked-choice election and regular check box voting methods. The voting services offered include online elections, online polls, and automated ballot counts. OpaVote supports all well-known, including traditional and modern, counting methods. Read more about OpaVote
Online voting & elections software
ElectionBuddy is online voting software designed to securely manage elections for homeowners’ associations, nonprofit organizations, schools & colleges, government or political parties, and unions. The platform supports a range of voting systems including FPTP, STV, referendums, and more. Read more about ElectionBuddy
Secure online voting software
nVotes is an online voting system that provides an auditable election administration solution for public administrations, political parties, unions, associations, and other organizations. The platform offers a range of voter authentication methods, ballot verification, result certificates, and more. Read more about nVotes Online Voting
Voting and nomination solution for organizations
BigPulse is a web-based voting solution designed to help organizations such as homeowner associations, universities & unions design and run multiple election campaigns. Key features include multi-factor authentication, reminders, voter segmentation, remote access, change tracking, and reporting. Read more about BigPulse