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Demand planning & supply chain management
Avercast is a customizable demand planning and supply chain forecasting solution for demand planners and executives across a range of industries. The cloud-based tool offers features for inventory forecasting, batch analysis, supply planning, stock level alerts, operations planning, and more. Read more about Avercast
Demand Forecasting, Inventory Optimization & PO Management
INTUENDI is an innovative Demand Planning and Inventory Optimization platform that uses AI technology to effectively optimize inventory, increase inventory turnover rates and reduce inventory costs. Read more about INTUENDI
Supply chain management solution for firms of all sizes
Atlas Planning Platform is a user-friendly, AI-driven, cloud-based, end-to-end supply chain planning solution that helps businesses across all industry verticals. Atlas supports S&OP, demand planning, inventory optimization, supply planning, manufacturing planning, financial planning, and more. Read more about Atlas Planning
Demand planning software for driving performance improvement
Vuealta Demand Planning is an event-driven and collaborative demand planning software designed to help businesses manage price changes, segment planning, demand sensing, and more. It uses advanced analytics, which enable users to plan events to respond to unexpected demand and supply shocks. Read more about Vuealta Demand Planning
Supply chain management platform with quality assurance tool
Logility is a supply chain management software that helps businesses across several industry verticals, including wholesale distribution, electronics, apparel, retail, and life sciences. It enables organizations to plan inventory, optimize demand, and manage compliance, among other operations. Read more about Logility Platform
Demand planning & forecasting tool for the fashion industry
Demand planning and forecasting for fashion companies. A visual and user-friendly forecasting software tailord for fashion companies. Read more about FashionBoard
Demand Planning Solution
Forecasting, S&OP, inventory optimization, and finite capacity planning for mid-sized and large global manufacturers and distributors. Read more about Demand Works Smoothie
Supply chain planning solution for managing inventory
StockIQ is a supply chain management (SCM) solution that helps businesses in manufacturing, logistics, healthcare & other industries manage suppliers, inventory, promotions, and more. The system enables forecasting of upcoming events using predictive analytics to ensure stock availability. Read more about StockIQ
Cloud-based inventory management software
NETSTOCK is an affordable cloud-based app that integrates with most ERPs to help companies with their demand planning. Balance your inventory investment by minimizing stock outs and reducing excess stock. Read more about NETSTOCK
Cloud or on-premise enterprise resource planning software
Demand planning software made easy. Automate production processes with an easy-to-use cloud-based production scheduling system. Connect production planning to Inventory Control, Purchasing, Bill of Materials & Sales Management with email alerts & FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliant electronic approvals. Read more about QT9 ERP
Demand planning and statistical forecasting software
Smart Demand Planner is a demand planning and forecasting software designed to help businesses optimize inventories, create strategic plans, and perform sales analytics. It enables organizations to forecast demands for various items and analyze the impact based on various factors including price, consumption, and economic data. Read more about Smart Demand Planner
Manage your projects from start to finish with Wrike
Wrike is a demand planning software used by 20,000+ companies worldwide. Features performance reports, resource management and allocation, Gantt charts, Kanban boards, custom request forms, time tracking, portfolio management, and workload overviews. Includes automation with 400+ integrations. Read more about Wrike
Supply chain analytics and business intelligence platform
Halo is a supply chain analytics & business intelligence software which combines automated data integration, analytics, & visualization in one platform, designed to meet the needs of a range of business functions including supply chain planning, procurement, operations, finance, manufacturing & more Read more about Halo
Insights into feature demand for SaaS product teams
Receptive enables SaaS businesses to make data-driven product decisions by collecting, managing and fully understanding feedback and feature requests Read more about Receptive
Advanced planning and scheduling software
From demand planning to advanced scheduling, in a single tool. Fast, intuitive, highly customizable. CyberPlan offers finite capacity production planning for the management of high-performance Supply Chains; it integrates MPS, MRP/CRP, finite capacity scheduling and material constraint management. Read more about CyberPlan
Collaborative business planning software
Kepion is a business planning software which combines budgeting, forecasting, BI reporting, modelling technology, and more in a single platform. Read more about Kepion
Cloud-Based Demand & Supply Chain Planning Software
QAD Cloud ERP offers tailored ERP solutions for manufacturers in the automotive, industrial, consumer, food & beverage, life science and high tech industries Read more about QAD DynaSys Cloud DSCP
Demand forecasting and pricing optimization for retailers
Remi AI is a cloud-based demand forecasting, price optimization, and supply chain platform designed to help eCommerce businesses monitor stock replenishment across multiple stores. Key features include revenue optimization, competitor analysis, historic data tracking, and re-ordering. Read more about Remi AI
Sales forecasting tool for demand and supply chain planning
Colibri is a cloud-based software that helps businesses in the food and beverage, distribution, and retail industries manage sales forecasts to streamline demand and supply planning processes. It enables administrators to create forecast plans using various statistical and historical models. Read more about Colibri
Procurement and supply chain management suite
BiSourcing is a web-based supply chain management suite that helps businesses automate purchase orders and manage contracts, auctions, and suppliers on a centralized platform. Features include traceability, tenant management, messaging, cataloguing, contract expiration alerts, and reporting. Read more about BiSourcing
Supply chain management and demand planning software
The goal of demand planning is to anticipate demand for a given product and ensure that a company’s supply chain is able to meet that demand efficiently and without incurring excess expenses. Read more about AGR Dynamics
Supply & demand planning & inventory management software
Demand Solutions is a leading provider of supply & demand planning, inventory management and sales and operations planning software for enterprises of all sizes. The robust product suite increases inventory turns, customer service levels & profits for more than 2,000 customers in over 70 countries Read more about Demand Solutions
Fostering a committed organization. A connected plan.
Binocs is a web-based resource demand & capacity planning solution that assists laboratories, QC/QA, and R&D facilities to optimize workloads and track progress Read more about BINOCS
Demand forecasting software for businesses in CPG industry
Unioncrate Demand Planning AI is a forecasting software that helps CPG businesses use shipment, marketing, inventory, and logistics data to predict sales and inventory requirements. It enables staff members to forecast sales based on several categories, including customer, ship-to, and product. Read more about Unioncrate Demand Planning AI
Better Decisions Demand Forecast Accuracy
Forecast Pro is powerful off-the-shelf forecasting software trusted by 12,000+ organizations globally to create statistically-based forecasts. Read more about Forecast Pro
Demand Driven Supply Chain Management in the Cloud
The Real Time Value Network drives dramatic improvements in demand, supply, and logistics management by providing application functionality with a “single version of the truth”. It is the only technology that marries planning and execution processes based on actual demand and supply conditions. Read more about Real Time Value Network
Supply chain management with machine learning
Planning In A Box is a web based supply chain management software with advanced analytics, AI and machine learning for forecasting, price planning & more Read more about Planning In A Box
Demand planning and forecasting software with ABC analysis
Forecasting Software is a cloud-based application that helps businesses forecast SKU requirements, brand profitability & supplier performance. The ABC analysis module lets data analysts calculate item-specific sales forecasts based on multiple categories, such as price, cost, margin, weight & more. Read more about
Supply chain management software for the automotive sector
sedApta S&OP is a supply chain management software designed to help businesses in automotive, pharmaceutical, chemical, and other sectors optimize sales and operations planning processes. Read more about SedApta S&OP


Cloud-based inventory forecasting software
StockTrim is a cloud-based inventory forecasting software designed to help small to midsize businesses leverage machine learning technology and artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms to streamline demand planning processes. Read more about StockTrim
Demand forecasting software with automated data analysis
Oracle Demantra is a web-based demand planning software that helps organizations streamline day-to-day decision making processes based on real-time demand intelligence. It lets users analyze data at multiple levels to forecast demand from sources such as syndicated and point of sales data. Read more about Oracle Demantra
Driven by Industry, Simplified by Technology
CloudAnalytics is a web-based solution that offers powerful chain planning tools and analytics to distributors and manufacturers. Read more about CloudAnalytics
An outstanding solution for your e-Business strategy
EZ Digital-T is the intelligent solution to plan the demand and the fulfillment process, integrating them with your e-Business. Read more about EZ Digital-T