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Meeting room booking system for the retail sector
SmartSpace Global is a facility management software that helps businesses in the hospitality, real estate, and retail sectors streamline space reservations across offices. Employees can utilize the wayfinding feature to locate free desks near the current location and track directions for reaching the space via maps in real-time. Read more about SmartSpace Global
Visitor management for an ever-changing world
Introducing desk booking a safe, easy way to welcome your employees back to the workplace. Empower employees to pick where, when, and with whom they sit, within your pre-defined spaces. Read more about Proxyclick
The smartest way to manage your spaces
Skedda is the world’s leading online booking and scheduling platform. This infinitely customizable platform allows organizations to automate complex and time-consuming booking tasks. Skedda removes the hassle of manually managing booking rules, policies, limitations and payments. Read more about Skedda
IoT-enabled IWMS. Facility, real estate & workplace solution
Intelligent space management & utilization monitoring. Social distancing, real-time crowdedness indicator & indoor air quality. Real-time, time-lapse functionality, dynamic dashboards for unparalleled insights, optimization, consultancy, data exports, sensor health tracking, open REST APIs. Read more about Spacewell
Facility management software for the digital workplace
With iOFFICE's space management software, you can visualize your floor plans in real-time to see where people are sitting, plan moves with drag & drop functionality, and get key insights about your workspace. Understand how your employees are really using the space. Read more about iOFFICE
Cloud-based real estate and investment management software
MRI Software offers real estate owners and companies, property investors and operators a flexible cloud-based platform that spans residential and commercial property management, accounting and financial reporting, investment lifecycle, visitor management, FM, lease accounting, sales, lettings & more Read more about MRI Software
Cloud-based commercial space & seating management solution
POC System is a cloud-based facility management solution which helps medium to large businesses manage commercial real estate & seating allocation. The platform provides a real-time view of space inventory & work areas, enabling managers to design seating plans and optimize utilization. Read more about POC System
Visual asset & equipment management solution
SpaceRunner is a web-based planning & management solution that visualizes equipment, assets, and other data on any virtual image, map or floor plan. Track and relate information about assets in that space such as information like warranties, maintenance performed, part numbers and serial numbers. Read more about SpaceRunner
Cloud solution for retail space planning and planograms
In Quant, our clients draw and manage the floorplans of thousands of stores and publish hundreds of thousands of planograms every year. Read more about Quant Retail
2D & 3D visual merchandising software for retailers
IWD DISPLAY is a cloud-based planogram software, which helps retailers plan the location and arrangement of products in stores, in order enhance the buyer experience. The visual merchandising tool provides 2D & 3D views, enabling stores to maximize space utilization and discover sales opportunities. Read more about IWD DISPLAY
Digital solution to manage car parks, offices & cafeteria
MyCarSpot is a digital solution which facilitates and optimizes the management of workstations and desk sharing in a company. Among the main features: reservation and automatic allocation of spaces, occupancy rate, definition of work teams, connection to your HRIS, statistics... Read more about MyCarSpot
Facility management software
OfficeSpace Software is a cloud-based facility management solution designed to help users create and allocate workspaces for critical administrative tasks using a range of features, including desk booking, resource tracking, plus move, space and request management, and more Read more about OfficeSpace
Room Management, Hot Desking, Maps, Scheduling and Analytics
Meetio develops smart, simple and reliable solutions for the modern workplace, offering industry leading solutions for meeting room management, wayfinding, hot desking, mobile scheduling and workplace analytics – all designed to make your workplace as smart as the people in it. Read more about Meetio
Diagram tool to draw any type of chart or diagram
SmartDraw is an all-in-one diagramming software, which offers tools for designing flowcharts, floor plans, org charts, CAD drawings, electrical designs, landscaping designs, and more. SmartDraw can be used online or offline to build and edit custom flowcharts and designs. Read more about SmartDraw
Software to Transform your Space into the Ideal Workplace
FM:Systems provides workplace management technology that enables organizations to identify, plan & deliver the ideal workplace for every employee. Our Integrated Workplace Management System improves management of space, occupancy, renovations, moves, maintenance, assets, smart buildings & more. Read more about FMS:Workplace
Conference Room Scheduling, Desk Booking, Maps and Analytics
With over 100+ KPIs helping to uncover workplace usage, Robin helps you power the work day with data, not guesses. Get real-time answers to how the people, spaces, and things in your office work together. Read more about Robin
Cloud-based 3D mapping and virtual tour solution
Concept3D is a cloud-based solution, which helps enterprise-level organizations create 3D maps & virtual experiences to improve engagement with visitors as well as clients. Features include space planning, content management, wayfinding, virtual engagement, 3D rendering & data visualization. Read more about Concept3D
Cloud-based desk & meeting room management software
The cloud based desk & meeting room booking solution bringing agile teams together at the workplace. Visit and get started with the FREE TRIAL to experience the ease of roll-out and how we stand out compared to other solutions. Read more about Tribeloo
Workspace management software
Accordant is a workspace management software which enables users to plan moves, track occupancy, keep track of leases, survey utilization and more, all with a single web-based tool. Accordant is a useful resource for companies with a few hundred desks right up to large multi-national corporations Read more about Accordant
Welcome visitors, book desks and rooms, manage deliveries.
Envoy’s workplace platform has redefined how companies welcome visitors, keep employees safe, book desks and conference rooms, and manage deliveries in over 14,000 locations around the globe. Read more about Envoy
One App for all your hybrid workplace needs
A SaaS solution that enables organizations to establish hybrid workplaces and employees’ safe return-to-office. WorkInSync is a 'One App' solution for all your hybrid workplace needs. Employees can book their desks at the office, meeting rooms and collaborate with their teams. Read more about WorkInSync
Cloud-based interior design & floor plan solution
Space Designer 3D is an online application that enables architects, real estate consultants, and designers to draw floor plans in 2D and visualize them in 3D Read more about Space Designer 3D
All-in-one maintenance and property management software
Axxerion is a maintenance and property management solution for businesses which offers a CMMS (computerized maintenance management system), IWMS (integrated workplace management system), and CLM (contract lifecycle management) system in one, integrated platform. Read more about Axxerion
AI/ML-enabled supply chain solution for full visibility
Luminate Platform by Blue Yonder (formerly known as JDA Software) is a supply chain solution that uses AI and ML to provide supply chain visibility that helps optimize business decisions. It can help predict, prevent, and resolve business disruptions. Luminate Platform is suitable for retail grocers, automotive and industrial, high-tech and... Read more about Luminate Platform
Manage every asset: indoors, outdoors, above and below.
Cities, counties, states, utilities, universities, parks, and commercial campuses tap into Cartegraph's asset management, work order management, and space management software to better manage their assets, track maintenance work orders, optimize facility space, and spend smarter. Read more about Cartegraph
Meeting room reservation system
Roomzilla is a meeting room reservation system which integrates with calendar systems like Google, Outlook, Office 365 & Exchange to help users schedule & manage their office space, including conference rooms & office equipment. Roomzilla supports API integration, reports, an approval queue, & more. Read more about Roomzilla
Configurable space management solution
Wisp by Gensler is an excellent and comprehensive cloud-based space management solution designed to manage office workspaces. This full service software comes packed with key features such as reporting, lease tracking, a drag-and-drop interface, resource tracking, floor plans, etc. Read more about Wisp
Productivity software for multi-location real estate firms
Productivity Everywhere -- Unite your people, properties and processes with software tailored to your unique multi-location operations. Read more about Common Areas
Facility and space management solution
QuickFMS is a cloud-based facility management solution, which helps small to large businesses manage workplace infrastructure and physical assets. Key features include rent calculation, layout planning, workflow automation, email/SMS reminders, and reporting. Read more about QuickFMS
Visitor management and meeting room booking system
Appspace is a meeting room booking software designed to help businesses manage visitor access and space reservations across workplaces. The platform enables managers to capture images and digital signatures, monitor building access, and facilitate touchless check-ins to manage visitors. Read more about Appspace
Interior decoration software for creating 2D & 3D designs
InnoPlanner is a cloud-based CAD software designed to help designers, architects, dealers, retailers and manufacturers create 2D and 3D designs. The catalog content management system (CCMS) enables users to maintain custom catalogs/documents & publish, as well as update, products in real-time. Read more about InnoPlanner
Workspace management software with lead management
Workspace management solution that optimizes workflow processes and manages customer expectations with features such as financial reporting, automated billing, lead management, contract drafting, client onboarding,business analytics and more. The system also accepts payments in multiple currencies. Read more about Operate
Workspace & meeting room booking system
AgilQuest is a workspace & meeting room booking system which provides organizations with a central platform from which to find & reserve conference rooms. Users can check room availability, location & conference room attributes via mobile app, desktop or a digital signage solution. Read more about AgilQuest
Meeting room booking, facility & space management software
Flowscape is a facility and space management software designed to help businesses optimize workspaces, manage meeting room bookings, and gain insights into office space utilization. It enables managers to add check-ins or cancel meetings using RFID scanning capability, visualize room availability, and detect faulty equipment via a unified portal. Read more about Flowscape
Fast, affordable workspace transformation
Get fast, affordable workspace transformation with Space Connect. For one fixed low monthly fee of just £495 and no min contract, Space Connect gives you a full integrated feature set, with Visitor, Meetings and Desk Management, plus mobile and analytics. Easy self set up - or we can set up for you. Read more about Space Connect


Store lifecycle management tool with predictive analytics
Tango is a store lifecycle management software that helps businesses manage lease, projects, sales forecasts, assets, and more. The facilities maintenance module lets employees manage budgets, track work orders, manage vendors, set up recurring maintenance tasks, and create invoices. Read more about Tango
Space management software with CAD floor planning tool
MRI ProLease Space Management is a SaaS software that helps human resources, IT, facilities, and security teams collaborate and manage facilities and workspace across the organization. It enables workspace planners to create CAD floor plans to visualize and organize spaces. Read more about MRI ProLease Space Management


Real-time inventory control solution
SHELF-OS provides retail businesses with a real-time inventory control solution designed to improve operating margins by automatically triggering actionable corrective workflows. The software aims to reduce both out of stock (OOS) and overstock issues through data capture by 3D sensor cameras. Read more about Shelf-OS
Facility and space management
myPrequest is a Dutch facility & space management tool that allows businesses across various industries to manage & book facilities such as meeting rooms, parking spaces, resources, catering & more. The platform facilitates process automation in order to help save time and enhance efficiency. Read more about myPrequest
Intuitive lease, space, and accounting management solution
One solution for all your corporate lease portfolio needs. Streamline user experience and data sharing across lease, space, FASB/IFRS accounting, facilities, and transaction management needs of your teams with a platform backed by 4 decades of proptech experience and 10,000+ customers globally. Read more about Yardi Corom
Smart workspace booking and capacity management software.
Bisner Workspace Capacity Manager is a cloud-based platform developed for workspace and desk booking, contact tracing and capacity management. Ideal for creating smarter, safer and more dynamic workplaces. Read more about Bisner Workspace Capacity Manager
We build software for retail process automation.
Leafio Planogram Optimization is a cloud-based software designed to assist businesses with macro/micro space management, performance tracking, planogram generation, category management, data analysis, and more. Read more about Leafio Planogram Optimization


Coworking and flexible office management
Cobot is a coworking and flexible office management software that automates tasks and connects your community, giving you more time to spend with your coworkers. Read more about Cobot


Desk booking application for the hybrid office
CIAO is a web-based desk booking application with floorplan views for the hybrid-flex office. It is designed to enable businesses to adopt the hybrid work model successfully. By booking a desk before going to the office, employees can ensure they will be walking into a suitable workplace. Using CIAO, employees can select a quiet day or book a desk... Read more about CIAO