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incwo is a cloud-based software designed to help businesses in manufacturing, automotive, trading, finance, and other industries manage sales, purchases, inventory, production, and more via a unified portal. The application enables organizations to configure accounting codes for suppliers, customers, expense accounts, and taxes, export entries to... Read more about incwo
Waiter X is the best restaurant software out there. It allows diners to manage their entire dining experience through their cell phone. No more waiting for a waiter to take your order or bring you your food and check. With Waiter X, you're in control. Read more about WaiterX
Go Local Go Smart POS is a point of sale software designed to help retail, restaurants, and other businesses manage employees, inventory, payments, menus, reporting, and other operations. The platform enables organizations to train new staff, run loyalty programs, generate virtual coupons, send automated marketing emails, define tax rates, and... Read more about Go Local Go Smart POS
Caramel helps firms make informed ordering decisions, define custom work processes, and track operations. Key features include inventory & discount management, sales reports, accounting integration, payment processing, billing & invoicing, customer accounts, ticket scanning, etc. Read more about Caramel
PSU Kassa provides the small business owner with a straightforward means to track daily income and expenses. The software is multi-platform and straightforward to install on PCs and laptops. Via a LAN network, several PCs and users can use the software simultaneously. Read more about PSU Kassa
The standalone online POS system, DigiPos from Perfection POS systems, can be linked with additional modules. Purchasing and order management can also be linked to the cash register system in this way. The platform can be integrated with Exact software and DigiPos, the successor to Exact E-POS. Read more about Perfection POS Systems
Kasregister is a virtual cash register system that users can link to a basic website. The system is suitable for all platforms and mobile devices. A premium subscription unlocks various additional modules — for example, to connect peripheral hardware, such as barcode scanners and NFC readers. Read more about Kasregister
Manhattan Active Omni is a cloud based solution that helps businesses in the retail industry streamline operations related to order management, customer engagement, point of sale and more. It is a digital self-service portal that lets organizations handle multiple order fulfillment methods, including ship to home, pick up in-store and single day... Read more about Manhattan Active Omni
Springboard laundry picking and delivery software is a cloud-based SaaS solution that allows franchisor to effectively and efficiently manage clothing laundering service in a multi-unit location. Read more about Springboard
Cloud-based accessibility lets you manage your business with ease. Comes with real-time reporting, offline protection, free & automatic updates. Read more about Easy Eat AI
Kasse is a SAF-T-compliant online checkout system that stores all data in a secure data center. The software is compatible with various hardware, including barcode scanners, printers, NFC readers, terminals, and scales. Read more about Kasse
ORTY allows users to arrange their own restaurant, cafe, or store with the ORTY POS system in minutes. They can make sales, accept payments, advertise their company, build relationships with customers, analyze their effectiveness, and optimize the business with a simple and easy-to-use mobile platform. Read more about ORTY

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