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Automotive Accelerator is an automotive industry marketplace, built on Salesforce. It enables you to launch automotive eCommerce faster and at a lower price, benefiting from all of Salesforce’s enhanced features, such as guided selling journeys, booking test drives and much more. Read more about Automotive Accelerator
PartsPal is a parts catalog management software designed to help auto parts businesses manage compatibility data and sell products on eCommerce channels. PartsPal integrates with Partly's parts and vehicle databases to provide accurate and detailed fitment data. Read more about PartsPal
Rapid Recon is a web-based car reconditioning software that helps auto dealerships monitor vehicles in real-time, perform repairs, and track vehicle movement through QR code scanning. Read more about Rapid Recon
Flexibase DMS is an automotive dealership management software designed to help car dealerships and independent motor dealers manage administrative operations such as finances, customer relationship management (CRM), compliance, task automation, client engagement, and more. Read more about Flexibase DMS
MarketPage address major issues like lack of unique and useful content across millions of pages, poor internal linking architecture, and addressing things that only a large-scale data-driven solution can. Read more about MarketPage is an automotive shopping and dealer management software that helps vehicle dealers in listing their cars for sale, and offers reporting and analytics, dealer training and support, inventory distribution and inventory leads and exposure. Read more about
DealerCenter is a dealer management system for independent car sales, with mobilized features for inventory tracking, desking, lending and document management Read more about DealerCenter
A website that keeps your auto shop running strong Save money, and build a modern website for your auto shop with Websites 360®. A library of auto shop design templates and an intuitive drag-and-drop editor make building your own website easier and faster than changing the oil. Read more about Marketing 360
AutoRaptor is a CRM & ILM automotive business solution designed to help businesses communicate with their customers on a regular basis. AutoRaptor CRM automates texts & emails sent to clients, helping eliminate manual effort, and offers features to help businesses create & send targeted campaigns. Read more about AutoRaptor CRM
Frazer is an auto dealership management software that helps businesses manage administrative processes such as contract generation, payment processing, marketing, and more. Team members can track vendors, monitor recalls, access vehicle history, add vehicle images, and other operations. Read more about Frazer
Elead is a customer relationship management (CRM) solution for automotive dealers & dealerships, with tools for lead management, inventory management & more Read more about Elead
Dealertrack DMS is the end-to-end software solution that streamlines operations. Finding efficiencies in internal operations is more important than ever. Dealertrack DMS is the easiest-to-use management solution in the business. Find new ways to cut costs in financials, HR and compliance to be more Read more about Dealertrack DMS
CDK Drive is an auto dealer management software designed to help businesses in the automotive industry manage dealership, sales, inventory, leasing, and compliance-related operations. The platform enables administrators to track orders, generate shipping manifests, gain insights into performance reports, and identify new business opportunities on... Read more about CDK Drive
Auto/Mate is a cloud-based dealer management system designed for independent used car dealerships which provides tools for vehicle evaluation, inventory management, deal structuring, collections management, task automation,accounting system integration, report customization, and more Read more about Auto/Mate
EverLogic is a cloud-based dealer management software which provides users with the tools to manage all operational & functional dealership activities Read more about EverLogic
Next-gen auto repair shop software equipped with most powerful features to streamline operations and business growth. FREE Trial, No lock-in contracts or commitments. Modules such as jobcards with digital signatures, inventory control, barcode/VIN scanning, service feedback, reminders, appointments Read more about GaragePlug
Selly Automotive is an all-in-one operations and management solution designed specifically for independent/BHPH auto dealerships. The cloud-based platform offers tools for customer-relationship management (CRM), lead management, marketing, call tracking, sales management, and more Read more about Selly Automotive
DealersLink is a direct dealer wholesale marketplace and inventory management solution that helps dealers to buy, sell and manage their inventory Read more about DealersLink
Identifix is a cloud-based database that helps businesses in the automotive industry access OEM services and repair information. The built-in estimating tools allow users to check equipment price, create multiple jobs, build task templates, and send estimates to customers. Read more about Identifix is a technology company that is providing online marketing solutions for the automotive industry. The platform provides clients with tools for content management, online advertising, lead management, inventory marketing and performance analytics. Read more about
Connect CRM integrates dealership tools & sales processes to deliver a single view of the customer across touchpoints and departments. With customizable processes and powerful lead automation, Connect CRM streamlines the car-buying process and enables dealers to deliver the experience customers expect. Read more about Connect CRM
Provision software utilizes industry-leading market data from vAuto’s Live Market View to enable dealers to price and appraise more precisely. Read more about Provision
AutoDealer Plus is an auto dealer software that helps businesses schedule appointments, engage customers, sign contracts, and more from within a unified platform. It allows staff members to utilize the built-in document management system to store PDFs, scans, images, reports, contracts, and spreadsheets on a centralized cloud repository. Read more about AutoDealer Plus
CAMS is a cloud-based dealer management software that assists auto dealerships with VIN decoding, cost tracking, profit and loss analysis, and customer data management. Features include vehicle inspection forms, garage register, roll back calculations, document storage, and transactional audit. Read more about CAMS DMS
AutoManager is a dealer management suite that includes DeskManager, WebManager, & AutomotiveCRM. Read more about AutoManager
ProMax Unlimited is an auto dealer software designed to help businesses generate leads, track calls, and manage customer relationships. Key features include collections management, customer database, form printing, inventory management, website integration, contact database, lease management, and sales management. Read more about ProMax Unlimited
DealerBuilt provides a single-source, integrated Dealer Management System (DMS) that empowers dealerships to operate their business. Read more about DealerBuilt
Dealer Car Search is a comprehensive suite of web-based applications specifically designed for car dealerships. Read more about Dealer Car Search
SpinCar is a 360° virtual tour and digital merchandising platform designed for auto dealers. With SpinCar’s 360° walkthrough tools, users can capture panoramic images, highlight vehicle features, create live videos, and track user behavior in order to send personalized follow-ups for each lead. Read more about SpinCar
Cloud-based auto dealer software that helps car dealers source and manage prospects on a centralize platform. Read more about Goxee Dealer
TEXT2DRIVE is a communication platform designed to help automotive dealerships streamline checkout processes, provide virtual tours of vehicles, and improve customer satisfaction rates. The application allows clients to schedule vehicle pick-ups according to preferred timings and enables service staff to track appointments and receive online... Read more about TEXT2DRIVE
Zeus provides Dealership Management Software and a mobile app to sell more vehicles faster and increase profits. Read more about Zeus
DealerVu is a fully integrated dealership management system that connects unit and parts sales, service, and accounting all in one location. Read more about DealerVu
Blackpurl is the easiest to use and most powerful DMS available for powersport dealers. Read more about Blackpurl
Autosoft is a cloud-based DMS with native mobile apps, designed to improve the customer experience & streamline operations across sales, inventory & accounting Read more about Autosoft DMS
KPA's Vera EHS software is an Environment, Health & Safety management solution specifically designed for dealerships. Automate manual processes to improve safety, lower risk, and save your dealership money. Combine Vera EHS with HR, and Sales F&I compliance all in one software platform, Vera Suite. Read more about Vera EHS
DealerPeak has been in the industry since 1999 and has seen firsthand how important it is to keep customers happy. The built-in CRM system allows users to focus on product knowledge and customer attention while the company takes care of the relationship. It’s a win-win! Read more about DealerPeak CRM Center
Proactive Automotive ERP is an auto dealer management solution that helps businesses manage sales, revenue, invoicing, productivity monitoring, receivables, and more on a centralized platform. It allows staff members to maintain a vehicle database with information, such as location, country of origin, body-color, models, warranty, and other... Read more about Proactive Automotive ERP
FEX DMS is a web-based car dealer management software, which helps businesses manage vehicle inventory, valuate expenses, and process payments. Read more about FEX DMS
Xtime is the leading software solution for automotive dealer service departments, driving retention and revenue with technology and industry experts that help dealers meet changing customer expectations. Read more about Xtime
Rome Management Software allows users to manage their auto body shop with user-friendly features such as a single point of entry, a real-time view of the shop floor, electronic parts ordering, mobile apps, tech stations, and much more. Read more about Rome Management Software
AutoSTRADA is a dealership management software designed to help businesses in the automotive industry host mobile-responsive websites. Administrators can conduct search engine optimization (SEO) audits of various websites to analyze web page rankings. Read more about AutoSTRADA
Market EyeQ is a predictive sales and marketing automation solution designed to help automotive businesses identify, communicate, and close deals with prospects. The platform includes an interactive dashboard that provides insights into the market, potential buyers, and customer behavior. Read more about Market EyeQ
Autocerfa is a cloud-based car dealership business automation solution for the French market. The system provides tools for managing sales, invoices, forms, documents, warranties, business performance, and more. Read more about Autocerfa
Engie Connect is a cloud-based auto repair tool designed to help mechanics, insurers & fleets to streamline operations related to car maintenance, from identifying issues or faults in engines, batteries or alternators to connecting remotely with customers' cars to diagnose problems in real-time. Read more about Engie Connect
DMS Complete is a cloud-based dealership management system (DMS) designed for dealerships with new and used cars, agricultural equipment, recreational vehicles (RV), and more. The platform helps users manage processes related to customer relationships, lead generation, inventory tracking, and more. Read more about DMS Complete
Direct-Hit is a cloud-based database that helps businesses in the automotive industry access OEM services and repair information. The built-in estimating tools allow users to check equipment price, create multiple jobs, build task templates, and send estimates to customers. Read more about Direct-Hit
CarNow is a suite of retail management solutions that help automotive dealerships manage leads, maintain a vehicle inventory, and streamline communication with customers. Sales executives can monitor prospects’ buying preferences and send brochures & product and service videos to leads. Read more about CarNow

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