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Snapshift is a SaaS application created to simplify HR Management of retailers (restaurants, bakeries, pharmacies, gyms, food retailers…) More than 4,500 customers of all shapes and sizes use Snapshift to simplify their business and save time on a daily basis. Read more about Snapshift
MintHR is a cloud-based all-in-one employee experience platform in SaaS mode for SME companies with 10 to 1000 employees. Read more about MintHR
AI Talent Analytics enables your organization to measure the impact of a range of metrics on Business and Talent performance and make decisions based on data. We help organizations to ensure they have the right people in the right roles so talent can be directly linked to driving business value. Read more about EDLIGO Talent Analytics
BIPO Payroll is a high-performance secure payroll management system which supports multi-country payroll Read more about BIPO Payroll
zvoove software presents itself as a total solution for several sectors. These primarily include personnel management (with a focus on temporary work), property management, and trade. The software mainly focuses on digitization and process automation. Read more about zvoove
Aqua Teams is a cloud-based human resource management system (HRMS) designed to help businesses streamline entire HR operations with real-time notifications, location tracking, and attendance tracking. It enables managers to track the availability of their teams, enhance their productivity, and realize their full potential. Read more about Aqua Teams
ScopHR is a software that covers all HRIS functions: employee file, interview and skills repository, on-boarding and off-boarding of employees, internal mobility, training, declaration of activity times, planning, management of expense accounts, etc. Read more about ScopHR
Nucleus HR is a human resources management software designed to help businesses collect large amounts of data from active and inactive employees, such as family structure, medical data, performance information, and more. Read more about Nucleus HR
Infoniqa aims to cover all tasks required of a medium-sized HR department. This ranges from applicant management to personnel administration and development and time recording. The software includes payroll functions. Alternatively, the provider can take care of the payroll. Read more about Infoniqa
Eksaé Suite is an application consisting of a business EDM that specializes in finance, human resources, and customer relations. It is mainly intended for public organizations looking for tools adapted to their structural constraints. Read more about Eksaé Suite
Foederis is human resources management software that specializes in personnel management. The tool handles the entire recruitment process and employee follow-up. For example, it is possible to organize recruitment sessions, collect profiles and plan interviews. Foederis's scheduling of interviews also includes follow-up of existing employees.... Read more about Foederis
Kennys HRM can be used by both small and large companies. Thanks to its modular structure, various functionalities can be used according to organizational needs. Automatic periodic reporting and legal signing are provided, and the package is available in the cloud and on-premise. Read more about Kennys
nivimu is a cloud solution for digitizing and automating all processes related to human resources, including the recording of working hours, that generates big data for analysis. It is accessible from any device with internet access. Read more about Nivimu
Advantage HR software is a human resources management platform developed by Sigma. It aims to simplify and optimize all HR-related processes. The tool saves time and is designed for ease of use. Advantage HR takes an approach centered around individual employees, helping the system stand out from other solutions. Read more about Advantage RH
SONARH is software designed for the management of the company's human resources. It helps to establish an organization chart, plans the work of different teams, organizes job offers, and evaluates candidates. It controls staff attendance, calculates and issues payrolls. Read more about SONARH
Sniper AI is a recruitment software with an equitable hiring algorithm which enables recruiters to focus only on skills and fitment scores by masking the identifiers. The tool helps anonymize and conceal identifiers such as name, location, email id, phone number, and current employer until the shortlisting is complete. Read more about Sniper AI
eFACiLiTY HRMS is an enterprise-ready human resource management software that enables enterprises to automate the entire post recruitment functions from onboarding to final separation. It manages all HR operations including induction, skill & training, workspace allocation, and promotion/transfer approval. Read more about eFACiLiTY HRMS
Benefiz is a corporate wellness solution that helps businesses manage employees benefits with an all-in-one platform. Teams can handle company profiles, administrators, billing, meal vouchers, employee savings, collaborators, and more on a unified interface. Read more about Benefiz
HR2day is an SaaS platform that supports all HR and payroll activities, both for HR staff and management. The program consists of modules that users can switch on and off. It is suitable for all large (250+) profit and non-profit organizations, from education to pension funds. Read more about HR2day

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