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Real-time accounting and ERP accounting software in the cloud or on-premises offering automated processes and transaction recording, reporting, and analysis Read more about Plus & Minus
IRIS HR Professional is a cloud based HR software that combines core HR, compensation & benefits information in one simple-to-use solution. The dashboard alerts, informs & connects the employee community together, allowing HR managers, line managers and employees to interact quickly & effectively. Read more about IRIS HR Professional
Officient is a cloud-based human resource management solution designed to help small to medium businesses facilitate personnel administration and HR processes. The centralized platform enables users to handle all operations related to payroll, assets, contracts, employee benefits, fleet, and more. Read more about Officient
Corporate Payroll Services is a cloud-based payroll management solution, which assists businesses to manage tax filing, worker compensation, retirement plans, and health insurance policies. Key features include employee database, audit trails, e-verification, background screening, and reporting. Read more about Corporate Payroll Services
Darwinbox provides a comprehensive, scalable & secure Payroll suite which deals with real-time analytics & data synchronization, a central locking system to clear audit trails, automated & 100% compliant processes, and highly flexible configurations to drive easy process mapping. Read more about Darwinbox
Buk is a web-based human resources software designed to help businesses manage compensation, custom document templates, and internal request flows from within a centralized platform. It lets managers automate various HR tasks such as, organize information of collaborators, customize tabs, receive personalized notifications, generate reports, and... Read more about Buk
Seamlessly integrated payroll handles simple to complex payroll for farms. H2A reporting, electronic filing, pay by piece rate, and multiple company payroll. Read more about CenterPoint Accounting for Agriculture
ADP SmartCompliance is a cloud-based HCM compliance portfolio that is as an extension of your current payroll or other business planning technology. SmartCompliance aims to help you reduce the regulatory compliance burden for your organization, with a combination of technology and service. Read more about ADP SmartCompliance
Papaya Global is revolutionising global payroll and global workforce management with our cloud-based SaaS platform. We offer a complete international payroll solutions, workforce management from on-boarding to benefits, EOR service in over 100 countries, contract worker management and immigration. Read more about Papaya Global
Microkeeper is a human resource (HR) management software that is designed for Australian businesses in retail, healthcare, hospitality, manufacturing, and other industries. It helps organizations handle rostering, timesheet generation, and payroll management, among other administrative operations. Read more about Microkeeper
ADP GlobalView HCM is a human resource and human resource management software allowing you to manage your entire global workforce. ADP GlobalView HCM (Human Capital Management) helps coordinate your entire enterprise's human resource management, payroll services, talent management, and more. Read more about ADP Globalview Payroll
Pento provides UK’s first fully automated payroll: calculates taxes, makes all the payments and reports to HMRC & pension providers. Read more about Pento
Run your payroll in half the time with Avanti. We’re Avanti Software. We’ve been processing payrolls and developing HR technology in Canada for over four decades. Our cloud-based People Management solution helps mid-sized Canadian companies empower and engage their teams to build better workplace Read more about Avanti
Sprout is the one place for all your administrative tasks. This user-friendly employee experiences software simplifies HR management and payroll. Read more about Sprout
Achieve Payroll visibility by replacing spreadsheets and legacy systems with a flexible, centralized, and modern Payroll system. Read more about BiznusSoft HR
Nektar is a field service management tool for data collection, GIS mapping, life cycle management, integrated work order processes, document control, and more Read more about Nektar Data
ScalePEO is a cloud-based HCM platform designed to help small & medium businesses simplify & manage all back-office processes on a unified platform. It aims to help users to maximize productivity, HR capabilities, growth & profitability whilst simultaneously optimizing labor costs and liability. Read more about ScalePEO
Never worry about payroll when you use CHIPS fully integrated payroll system with BUCS fund accounting software. Read more about CHIPS
AcroTime is a web-based workforce management suite which provides SMBs with a centralized platform from which to manage payroll, HR, and employee time & labor Read more about AcroTime
People Cloud is a human resource software that helps enterprises centralize engagement, evaluation, retention, and development of employees. Read more about PeopleCloud
Solución de recursos humanos basada en la nube que permite a las empresas administrar el tiempo de los empleados, las licencias, los documentos, las comunicaciones, los KPI, la capacitación, la incorporación y más! Read more about VisualTime
ZingHR provides human resource functionalities in a single software solution. Its key solutions include recruitment, payroll, and performance management. Machine learning, personality insights, and natural language processing enable the web-based software to provide solutions for decision-makers. Read more about ZingHR
PayNorthwest is a human capital management platform designed to automate finance management, operations, & human resource administrative tasks. It offers multi-level cost centers & labor distribution, geospatial tax identification, audit trails & reporting, configurable data exports, & more Read more about PayNorthwest
Salarium is a cloud-based payroll solution which helps HR and administration personnel with time and attendance tracking. Key features include leave management, progress tracking, compliance management, employee scheduling, overtime calculation, and time dispute management. Read more about Salarium
PeopleGuru HCM is a cloud-based human capital management (HCM) solution designed to help midsize businesses streamline the entire employee lifecycle. The centralized platform provides users with configurable workflows, self-service portals, and alerts to manage core human resource (HR) processes. Read more about PeopleGuru HCM
Paypro Workforce Management is a cloud-based human capital management solution designed to help businesses handle employee onboarding, scheduling, payroll and other processes. Read more about PayPro Workforce Management
HR Vendor Of The Year 2021 Award Winner GOLD in Best HRMS (Enterprise) GOLD in Best HRMS (Small Medium Business) QuickHR provides an end-to-end HR solution to enable efficient employee database management, one-click payroll generation, mobile application of leaves, claims and viewing of payslips. Read more about QuickHR
Cut your payroll processing times by up to 75%. Sirenum enables seamless calculation of gross pay for all your contingent workers. Read more about Sirenum Staff Management Platform
EPAY is an online human capital management system (HCM) designed to support business HR with features across recruitment, onboarding, time tracking and more Read more about EPAY HCM
Cloud-Based Payroll Software That's Easy, Reliable & Affordable. Get everything you need to pay your employees, contractors, contributions and taxes online. Managing your payroll, timesheets & taxes has never been easier. Read more about FINSYNC
POS solution for small to mid-size businesses that can process credit card payments, manage inventory, and populate real-time sales reporting all on any mobile device. The system processes transactions through a NFC or EMV mobile swiper, which can be accessed via bluetooth or a headphone connector. Read more about TransNational Payments
Asure Payroll & Tax Management is a payroll management software that helps businesses manage general ledgers, handle compliance requirements, generate reports, and more on a centralized platform. Read more about Asure Payroll & Tax Management
Epicor Global Financial Management solutions is online accounting software designed to automate and streamline financial management processes, control and support complex legislative requirements. It ensures a rapid return on investment, reduces costing and timely financial monitoring. Read more about Epicor ERP Financial Management
PeopleStrategy is a cloud-based, enterprise-class Human Capital Management solution covering talent acquisition, workforce management, payroll, and more Read more about PeopleStrategy
OnePoint is an all-in-one HCM platform that can consolidate disparate HR information in one single platform. OnePoint HCM is designed to streamline common HR tasks, ensure accurate tracking of employee attendance, simplify benefits administration, and automate complex payroll tasks. Read more about OnePoint HCM
iTrent by MHR is a human resource management solution designed to help businesses streamline talent management and payroll processing operations. It enables organizations to handle workforce management, applicant sourcing, learning management, and employee scheduling activities via a unified platform. Read more about iTrent
OfficeKit is an end-to-end human resource management software which enables HR teams to manage everything from employee hiring & leave management to employee management & administration with an applicant tracking system, global payroll & compliance, attendance management, & more Read more about Officekit
Workful is an online human resources management solution that helps small businesses with payroll processing, tax filing, employee onboarding, time tracking, and more. With Workful, users can automatically synchronize payrolls with employee timesheets, reimbursement requests, and paid time off. Read more about Workful
Sage Business Cloud Payroll is an intuitive, cloud-based payroll software that helps small businesses manage everything related to payroll in just a few clicks. Features include easy-to-use 4 step Do-It-Yourself payroll, 24/7 support, HMRC compliant software, and management for up to 50 employees. Read more about Sage Business Cloud Payroll
Akrivia is a new-age HR software platform which allows human resource teams to engage employees, and help teams through the entire lifecycle management, from hiring to retention. Other capabilities include reporting and analytics, time and attendance management, payroll management, surveying, expense raising, and on-the-go approvals. Read more about Akrivia HCM
Take the administrative headaches out of paying your people. Automate even the most complex payroll while staying compliant and audit-able at all times. Read more about Workzoom
Fully integrated HR + payroll. Umana is a complete system with full employee history, time-clocks, time-sheets, benefits, attached documents, and net pay. A single, always-consistent package that puts you in control. Complex rules and union contracts? Umana can handle them. Let us show you! Read more about Umana
eTEK Online is a cloud-based construction accounting solution that includes features such as payroll, purchasing, inventory, job cost, & project management. It is designed for small to midsized businesses. eTEK Online tracks revenue and costs for all projects, including those with multiple phases. Read more about eTEK Online
NOLA AUTOMATION is an auto dialer solution that helps call centers communicate with customers via various methods including outbound or inbound calls, SMS, emails, live chat, and more. It allows sales teams to analyze customer journey by targeting leads or customers and creating strategic plans. Read more about NOLA
Heartland Payroll is a web-based payroll solution for small to mid-sized businesses. It is part of Heartland’s integrated suite which includes solutions for time and attendance, HR administration, tax reporting, benefits administration, recruiting, and more. Heartland Payroll can be customized to suit unique business needs and specialized payroll... Read more about Heartland Payroll
An HR admin and integrated payroll software that aids teams reduce time taken to handle administrative tasks. HR Cascade provides guidance on how to streamline workflows, and improve management of tasks such as employee record keeping, handling of online pay slips, reporting, etc. Read more about IRIS Cascade
FinClock is a project management software specifically developed for project, employee and attendance management. Read more about FinClock
With Zimyo payroll software, process the entire payroll in just 3 simple clicks with 100% accuracy & secure yourself from legal penalties. Our payroll software eliminates timesheet errors, reduces your reliance on HR for transfer of data & maintains regulatory compliances. Get rid of manual errors. Read more about ZIMYO HRMS
ATTENDANCE ENTERPRISE is a leading employee time-tracking solution based on over 30 years of expertise delivering advanced time and attendance solutions to over 20,000 organizations. A sister product, ATTENDANCE ON DEMAND is the same application but deployed in a SaaS model. Read more about Attendance Enterprise

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