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X-Cross is the cloud management software that allows you to work in complete mobility, from any location, with the same operating modes of desktop programs based on client server logic. Read more about X-Cross
Delfos ERP is a comprehensive resource planning software that increases productivity, reduces costs, and manages all areas of an SME or a 4.0 company, especially those of high IT complexity. This system is based on the Enterprise Informatization Plan. Read more about Delfos ERP
DUX is an ERP software that makes it possible to manage all sectors of business operations using a single computer system. It has modules to manage production, warehouse and stock, invoicing and accounting, HR, payroll, and more. It allows customization by the company and the user. Read more about DUX
Neodata @meat10 is specialized software for the management of meat and poultry companies. Among other tools, it facilitates the control of everything related to production. It also includes utilities for inventory, human resources management, CRM, purchasing, and sales, among others. Read more about Neodata @meat10
TAAF is software for landlords and real estate agencies engaged in the rental of real estate. It manages the documentation related to the rented property and the lessor: contracts, expenses, possible claims, and payments. It issues invoices and direct debit receipts and performs price increase calculations. Read more about TAAF ERP Inmobiliario
Pccom ERP is software for companies in the food sector. It computerizes the production, management, and sales process, as well as the administration of the company. It integrates modules for production management, warehouse, purchasing, invoicing, collection management, volume discounts, analysis, and eCommerce B2B or B2C. Read more about Pccom ERP
Microvix is a business management system for stores and franchises, with which it is possible to offer different payment methods, including digital wallets and PIX, automate operations, monitor processes in an integrated control panel, and define action strategies. Read more about microvix
Easy Linx is a management and performance system for retail companies which automates routines and processes, centralizing the control of activities in a digital and integrated platform. Its features include purchase planning and inventory coordination. Read more about Easy Linx
Publi Manager is a hybrid management system with online and desktop access, which is aimed at advertising agencies. It makes it possible to centralize processes, automate functions, integrate business activities, focus on productivity, and offer an improved experience to customers. Read more about Publi Manager
PBS Manufacturing ERP is an enterprise resource planning software designed to help small to midsize businesses manage inventory, orders, sales, quotes, and more via a unified portal. The platform enables organizations to update and organize information about purchases, sales, and shop orders in a centralized dashboard. Read more about PBS Manufacturing ERP
WallPost allows firms to manage and automate all their business resources in one place, and they can collect and interpret data from all operational activities. Core features include task & case management, a CRM, an employee database, a documents & quotation tracker, and a meeting scheduler. Read more about WallPost
AgriBusiness offers agricultural distributors, stores, and warehouses the tools to augment profits and optimize operational efficiency. Key features include financial & order backlog management, a CRM, reporting, travel & fleet management, production planning, billing & invoicing, and stock control. Read more about AgriBusiness
Canix is a cloud-based ERP platform for cannabis growers and distributors. It runs on PCs and mobile devices, integrates with METRC, QuickBooks, and onFleet, and comes with compliance, inventory, sales, and yield management tools. It features an RFID scanner and Bluetooth scale compatibility. Read more about Canix
Cloud-first ERP for fast-growing life science manufacturers in pre-clinical and clinical stage. Designed to be the first and last solution you’ll need. It advances Dynamics 365 to deliver quality, procurement, materials management, production, and compliance, etc. for biotech, pharma and med device. Read more about Merit for Life Science
JAD Software is an integrated business management system for industries, with administrative and operational tools that automate activities such as registration of formulations, cost simulations, issuing certificates, check-list of quality documentation, and more. Read more about JAD Software
Nasajon ERP is an integrated management system that automates processes in order to reduce operating costs and boost productivity. The software also generates constant flows of information that can be useful for a company's strategic vision. Read more about Nasajon ERP
Systextil ERP is an ERP platform that assists with operations throughout the company including the administrative, productive, accounting, and tax sectors. Systêxtil ERP ensures mobility that facilitates access from anywhere and from any device. All data and information are stored on a single platform. Read more about Systextil ERP
Integrin Enterprise Suite is a cloud computing platform that helps businesses leverage analytical tools to transform data within the system into insights. Users can access reports and insights to streamline decision-making processes. Read more about Integrin Enterprise Suite
PracticePro 365 is a unitized cloud practice management software with nine core features that run your firm, an all-in-one platform topped off with real-time visual dashboards. Read more about PracticePro 365
Dansap ERP offers management solutions for all types of companies and specializes in food, large companies, and SMEs. It contains modules for controlling different departments, such as administration, warehouse, HR, accounting, and e-commerce. HR, accounting, and e-commerce are integrated into a single system. Read more about Dansap ERP
GERP PYME is integrated management software for professionals and companies that operate using Mac OS. It offers solutions for a company's different departments, including administration, stock management, accounting, POS, and virtual stores. It also produces detailed reports with graphs. Read more about GERP PYME
Selenne ERP is management software specializing in engineering and chemical companies, as well as in the most innovative industry, control, and inspection processes. It integrates all departments by adapting the program to each company's usual way of working. Read more about Selenne ERP
True customization model for all industries and we are excited to deliver dedicated customized product for the clients to simplify the complexity. Gway ERP is perfect choice for small and medium level businesses. Read more about Gway ERP
SandBoxer allows developers and end-users to conduct database refresh from a production environment to a development environment. The cloud-based platform helps finance, tech and sales teams test ideas and concepts without interrupting the production environment. Read more about Sand Boxer
Biz is an all-in-one integrated SaaS operating platform. With Biz, users can digitize their business, streamline their workflow and centralize their data allowing them to access their most essential business operations in a single platform. Read more about BizApp
IRIUM SOFTWARE provides ERP solutions dedicated exclusively to dealers, distributors, repair agents, rental companies and importers of equipment in the agricultural machinery, public works, handling, heavy goods vehicle and recreational motorbike sectors. Read more about Irium-software
Tempus Tools is a web-based platform that assists with laser cutting price and time quoting. It includes a drag-and-drop interface and DXF or DWG files, Users can export time and price for all processes, export/import materials database, customize quote letter, and output, output quote as PDF or hyperlink and customize their own rules for quoting.... Read more about ToolBox
ENWIS is designed for Waste & Recycling companies across multiple sectors, such as Aluminum, Automotive, Bio-Hazardous, Chemical, Cardboard, Commercial, Composting, Construction Material, Containers, Demolition, Dumpsters, E-Waste, Energy Convergence, and more. Read more about Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central ENWIS
Fraction ERP is a cloud ERP system aimed at small to midsize manufacturers. With quick access through a web browser, you can manage your entire production from inquiry to shipping and invoicing. We offer integration with Sage, Xero, and QuickBooks. Read more about Fraction ERP
PM II RENT is a software tool that assists rental companies with inventory management, contact storage, order handling, and more. Read more about PM II RENT
PM II BASIC is a hybrid enterprise resource planning software that includes management of orders, contacts, projects, documents & more. Read more about PM II Basic
D-X 360 is a all in one ERP solution for factories. The best practices of your industry are gathered in a simple, powerful and secure solution. It covers all areas of your company: * Supply Chain * Production * Inventory * CRM * HR * Finance Read more about ERP DX-360
All in one ERP solution for garment and footwear businesses. From Billing to Accounting to CRM all at one stop. Read more about G-SOFT EXTREME RETAIL
Embrace is a leading ERP system built and supported by South Africans for mid-sized companies and large enterprises in Africa. Delivering industry-specific functionality and flexible deployment options, Embrace ERP adapts to the growth and evolution of your business easily and cost-effectively. Read more about Embrace ERP
Industry agnostic solution, a plug & play digital transformation experience. One product, multiple solutions. The industrial IoT platform that drives operational performance. Read more about MonitorApp

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