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Elevate the translation project management to a higher level, work smarter, compete in terms of professionalism. Read more about Mantreo
It is a secure, collaborative workspace for law firms, corporate legal departments and clients that makes it easy for everyone to work together on legal matters within and between organizations. Read more about Lupl
Copy5 unites all the tools required to digital collaboration in one application without the need to constantly change tabs. One tool gives you task management, messaging, video conferencing, calendar management, document management, and more. Read more about Copy5
Mitra enables the systematization of processes with a high level of customization, complementing the ERP. The company offers various lines of applications are analytics, planning which includes budget tracking, cash flow management as well as production management, and process flows. Read more about Mitra
ProServe Software is designed to be the embodiment of your processes, managing everything from individual job sites to the health of your company as a whole. Read more about ProServe Software
Designed to be used enterprise-wide, APM Plus automates process, project, resource and cost management functionality. It is very easy to use by people in all of the roles. Insures compliance: answers the question: how do you know that your people are actually working the tasks in your processes? Read more about ActionProgram Manager Plus
intyme is web-based software for optimizing customer communication in the area of project planning. It helps to create and submit a clearly formulated project plan, which is divided into phases and tasks, and provided with due dates. Read more about intyme
HR, CRM & Project Management System Built For Tradies in New Zealand. Read more about Trade Hand
PACS is a modular ERP and project-controlling tool that helps companies to optimize project processes. Its functions are intended to increase the efficiency and profitability of projects. The software can be adapted using an onboard customizing tool. Read more about PACS
Actio is a business management software designed to help organizations handle the budget, risk mitigation plans, employees' performance, goals, and more from within a unified platform. Teams can centralize communication across staff members by enabling alerts and notifications. Read more about Actio
AuditBrain is a powerful cloud platform that helps auditors manage all aspects of the financial audit process based on international standards on auditing (ISA). Read more about AuditBrain External Audit
ProjectOne is a project management platform, which provides features such as workflow management, agile methodologies, status tracking, iteration management, task management, prioritization, testing management, lifecycle management, defect tracking, alerts and notifications, and release management. Read more about ProjectOne
Allex is a cloud-based project management software that helps businesses manage tasks, assign resources, monitor projects, create timelines, and more from within a unified platform. With the Gantt Charts module, staff members can design project flows, notify team members, streamline processes, and monitor task progress. Read more about Allex
Re:Schedule helps you manage meeting overload by bringing all the information and tools you use in your meetings into your calendar. Run your meetings from Re:Schedule using the full meeting workspace integrated into your calendar. Create agendas, assign action items, take meeting notes and more. Read more about Re:Schedule
APQP/PPAP Manager is a web-based project management software designed to help businesses initiate, plan, implement, complete, and track projects. The platform enables supervisors to manage various types of projects including APQP/PPAP projects, new product development projects, change management projects, Six Sigma, functional safety plan, ASPICE... Read more about APQP/PPAP Manager
Real time factory software with a robust mobile app for your factory workforce, including operators, quality inspectors, superintendents. Read more about Offsight
Airdesk is a centralized workspace with a 360º view of all your services. With it, businesses can manage customers and contacts, deals and contracts, project and task management, customer interactions and ticket handling in a single place. Read more about Airdesk
Avant Manager is a cloud-based solution for the integrated management of architecture and engineering offices. The system has an app accessible for Android and iOS operating systems. The software facilitates the economic, technical, and commercial management of projects, as well as their monitoring. Read more about Avant Manager
Plataforma Target is a project management tool based on governance and strategic planning, which can be accessed from computers and mobile devices. With the solution, the manager can plan each stage of a project, set deadlines, and track budget usage. Read more about Plataforma Target
Desklog is an automated employee time tracking software with advanced productivity management features. Desklog's advanced features help monitor employee productivity more effectively. Read more about Desklog
TimeWatchR is a web-based time tracking software designed to help businesses across various industry verticals, such as marketing, design, programming, logistics, HR, sales, or any other field track work hours. The platform lets teams accurately track work, plan and schedule events, and receive timely email reminders. Read more about TimeWatchR
ProjecLeo is a project management application that allows users to create, plan, and execute their projects in a seamless manner. Read more about Projecleo
Harlow helps freelancers manage and organize their day-to-day operations, get a full view of their clients, and get paid for the work they do—all from one centralized hub. It’s everything you need to manage your small business and optimize your workday. Find your freelance flow with Harlow. Read more about Harlow
Project provides companies with an end-to-end solution to help track the progress of projects and enable them to achieve Agile growth strategies. Key features include third-party integrations, collaboration tools, employee task management, document sharing, personalization, and content management. Read more about Project
Jile is a multi-language application that enables companies to align team execution strategies, promoting customer satisfaction. Key features are budget & idea management, Kanban boards, project planning & management, KPI monitoring, Gantt charts, milestone & project tracking, and quality assurance. Read more about Jile
Practice management solution for small and medium-sized architects and technologists. It helps managers control projects, clients, staff, and more on a unified interface. Operators can automatically email project updates to clients. Read more about YOOPknows
Project Configurator, built for Jira, is a web-based software that helps businesses configure changes, import projects, and migrate Jira service desks. It allows team members to test all updates within a built-in staging environment before pushing them into production. Read more about Project Configurator for Jira
Ticket Management Keep track of your tasks and those of your teams. Ticket Quickly and easily capture information about your customer requests. Knowledgebase Access shared knowledge Read more about Tesseron ASM
Project Server is an on-premises software designed to help businesses plan, monitor, manage, and deliver project portfolios. The platform enables managers to view real-time project status along with the most current information on resource availability, document usage, and more on a centralized dashboard. Read more about Project Server
PracticePro 365 is a unitized cloud practice management software with nine core features that run your firm, an all-in-one platform topped off with real-time visual dashboards. Read more about PracticePro 365
Exply seeks to give an insight into the existing data with the help of interactive dashboards. It allows teams to visualize and analyze data from multiple sources in one place. Exply is designed with a very user-friendly interface for the personalization and configuration of reports. Drag-and-drop menus and single-click filters enable managers to... Read more about Exply
Hourspent helps teams manage projects and get work done or access the right people and resources to get work done. Read more about Hourspent
Statera is a time and expense software designed to help businesses add project information, upload documents, communicate with clients and coworkers, design projects, and more. The platform advanced project management functionality, request for proposals (RFQs), automated project costing capabilities, resource management tools and more. Read more about Statera

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