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The SQLSyncer is a fully automated and platform independent application to migrate and synchronize your databases. It helps you to migrate local and virtually hosted SQL Server instances to a newer version and ensures your business continuity. Read more about SQLSyncer
Instaclustr Apache Kafka is an on-premise and cloud-based software designed to help Apache Kafka users handle and manage the configuration of clusters to facilitate application building and development processes. Supervisors can use the management console to gain an overview of real-time data streams using monitoring statistics and actionable... Read more about Instaclustr Apache Kafka
EasyQuery is an advanced query builder that allows IT administrators to build complex queries and implement search capabilities for .Net/ASP.Net applications. Read more about EasyQuery
Kalido MDM is a master data management solution designed to help businesses automatically send information to end users through business intelligence (BI) tools. It offers a business information modeler (BIM), a visual modeling interface, which lets users participate in developing requirements and modeling data. Read more about Kalido MDM
MobiDB Database is a database and no-code automation tool designed to help businesses create databases, forms, and fields using a visual designer. Administrators can enable access for multiple users and design relational databases with multiple tables and complex relations. Read more about MobiDB Database
Amazon DocumentDB is a database management tool that supports mission-critical MongoDB workloads. The platform enables software developers to store, query, and index JSON data, configure workflows, and replicate multiple copies of business data across various AWS Availability Zones (AZs). Read more about Amazon DocumentDB
RethinkDB is a JSON database platform designed to help businesses and professionals create applications with real-time data. Administrators can build dashboards with push notifications to streamline decision-making processes. Read more about RethinkDB
SQLTreeo Monitoring is a hosted database monitoring platform reachable from any internet device for an instant overview of SQL Servers. Read more about SQLTreeo Monitoring
Inmagic DB is a database management system that's combined with Inmagic TextWorks, text-retrieval software, to create a content management and knowledge management solution for organizations of any size. Read more about Inmagic DB/TextWorks
Universal Vehicle Database (UVDB) by Partly is a database management software designed to help businesses manage and share vehicle data with internal and external stakeholders. Read more about Universal Vehicle Database
Secure Eraser is a cloud-based data disposal software that allows users to overwrite sensitive information that can never be retrieved. Read more about Secure Eraser
Sequel Pro is a Mac database management solution that allows users to easily manage MySQL databases. Read more about Sequel Pro
Partly API lets auto part sellers query parts and vehicle data from Partly databases. eCommerce websites, marketplace platforms and industry software providers use the API to share and access part information and part-vehicle fitment data. It's developer-friendly and built for scalability. Read more about Partly API
JetBrains DataGrip is an integrated development environment for working with databases and SQL. Read more about DataGrip
dbForge Studio for MySQL is a professional tool for MySQL and MariaDB database developers, DBAs, software engineers, analysts, etc. This is a universal IDE that helps to develop SQL scripts, create stored procedures and functions, compare and synchronize databases, and much more. Read more about dbForge Studio for MySQL
Secure, cloud-native databases for IBM Cloud that can be used for PostgreSQL, EnterpriseDB, IBM Db2 on Cloud, MongoDB, DataStax, Elasticsearch, and more. Read more about IBM Cloud Databases

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