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Traverse Monitoring provides you the ability to easily manage your hybrid IT infrastructure. Data Flow, Topography, Root Cause Analysis and more with Traverse. Read more about Traverse
MarkLogic is an on-premise and cloud-based data management software that helps businesses utilize operational and transactional NoSQL databases to integrate, store, and access data. It enables supervisors to collect information from multiple sources and index them for query and search purposes. Read more about MarkLogic
Aerospike is a cloud-based and on-premise NoSQL database platform designed to help enterprises in eCommerce, retail, online gaming, telecommunications, and advertising sectors streamline multi-site clustering, cross datacenter replication, and load balancing, among other processes. Read more about Aerospike
Robo 3T (formerly Robomongo) is an open-source MongoDB GUI tool. It is distributed as a native application and can be downloaded to Windows, Mac, and Linux devices. Robo 3T allows users to build queries using drag and drop functionality, generate driver code in seven languages, break down aggregation queries, plus more. Read more about Robo 3T
ER/Studio Data Architect is a data mapping software designed to help IT professionals identify and organize existing data assets and build entity-relationship models. The platform allows managers to enforce naming standards and add reference values for various data models to standardize data dictionaries. Read more about ER/Studio Data Architect
Google Cloud SQL is a fully-managed database service that makes it easy to set up, maintain, monitor, and administer your databases Read more about Google Cloud SQL
Younicycle a broad, horizontal platform that allows businesses to create vision their own SaaS. It helps design tables, views, triggers, functions, write queries, create charts, websites, design personalized pdfs, QRCode, add JS with the internal JQuery, create CSS and more. Read more about Younicycle Web Manager System
Amazon ElastiCache, compatible with Redis and Memcached, is a web service which helps businesses deploy and manage distributed in-memory data stores and cache environment in cloud. The platform lets administrators automate various tasks such as hardware provisioning, software patching & data backup. Read more about Amazon ElastiCache
ArangoDB is a cloud-based and on-premise software that helps developers, architects, and data scientists map data, design architectures, conduct search operations, and more. Staff members can define hierarchical branches, configure satellite graphs, and create vertex-centric indices. Read more about ArangoDB
Riak KV is an open-source NoSQL database solution designed to help businesses control, replicate, retrieve and distribute data across multiple servers. It includes Riak Control, which allows users to inspect and manage the health, nodes, associated rings and memory consumption for each cluster. Read more about Riak
Coginiti Pro is an SQL analysis software designed to help organizations create, manage, and reuse SQL queries to clean, transform, and analyze business data. It enables analysts to maintain data warehouses and connect the system with various databases such as Amazon, IBM, Microsoft, and more. Read more about Coginiti
SB Data Generator is a simple solution that can generate realistic test data for popular SQL databases. With this solution's intuitive GUI, users can access visual data models to further understand schemas before populating databases. It allows data to be previewed before it is actually generated. Data can be generated from virtual previewed or... Read more about SB Data Generator
Neo4j Graph Database is a database platform designed to help businesses of all sizes leverage the native graph storage and processing engine to build applications. Organizations can break large-scale datasets into smaller separate chunks or shards and store them in multiple systems. Read more about Neo4j Graph Database
Infanywhere is an app development platform designed to help businesses create custom web applications to store, manage and share disparate information using predefined templates. Administrators can configure access permissions for team members and use various data fields including text, number, files, date, and links to describe objects, events,... Read more about Infanywhere
Conversionomics is a powerful data aggregation and automation technology tool that can improve your data aggregation, automation, and visualization processes. Read more about Conversionomics
SQLTreeo Monitoring is a hosted database monitoring platform reachable from any internet device for an instant overview of SQL Servers. Read more about SQLTreeo Monitoring
Ingres preserves investments and knowledge bases, focusing on the applications and underlying business logic associated with Ingres deployments. It delivers low risk migration from legacy environments to modern cloud platforms with web and mobile front-ends. Read more about Actian Ingres
Actian Zen is a NoSQL and SQL embedded database that runs on Windows, Linux, Android, iOS, macOS, VMs and Containers with AES 256-bit encryption. Version footprints range from 5MB to 200MB and support up to 64TB tables. NoETL between versions. Read more about Actian Zen
Secure, cloud-native databases for IBM Cloud that can be used for PostgreSQL, EnterpriseDB, IBM Db2 on Cloud, MongoDB, DataStax, Elasticsearch, and more. Read more about IBM Cloud Databases
Raima Database Manager (RDM) is an embedded in-memory, c/c++ database developed for the IoT and edge market. This platform is fast, persistent, and optimized for performance and reliability. Read more about Raima Database Manager
Firebolt delivers extreme speed and elasticity at any scale solving your impossible data challenges. Read more about Firebolt
PartsPal is a parts catalog management software designed to help auto parts businesses manage compatibility data and sell products on eCommerce channels. PartsPal integrates with Partly's parts and vehicle databases to provide accurate and detailed fitment data. Read more about PartsPal
Apache Ignite is an in-memory computing software that provides businesses with tools to manage data and build real-time applications on a centralized platform. It supports various data manipulation language (DML) commands including SELECT, UPDATE, INSERT, and DELETE queries. Read more about Apache Ignite
Infinispan is a NoSQL database management software that helps businesses define memory usage to store data in multiple data containers. The open-source solution allows teams to process and distribute data across clusters of servers in a unified interface. Read more about InfiniSpan
RavenDB is an open-source NoSQL database software which helps businesses streamline multi-document ACID transactions and facilitate ETL operations. It enables IT professionals to index documents to facilitate semantic search, analyze text and spatial data, and automate data transformation processes. Read more about RavenDB
Ververica is a stream-processing platform based on Apache Flink, an open-source application, supplemented with additional functions. The extensions relate to development, security, lifecycle management, stream delivery, multi-tenancy, and disaster recovery. Read more about Ververica
Cybus Connectware is an IoT solution designed to help businesses in manufacturing, automotive, construction, transportation, energy, and other sectors with digital control of different processes for multiple machines such as quality management and anticipate maintenance. Read more about Cybus Connectware
Those who store data in Java often dependent on computationally intensive mapping and sophisticated database systems, such as MySQL. With its Java-native Persistence API, MicroStream offers a lightweight solution without resource-consuming mapping requirements. Read more about MicroStream
Kal-Admin is a methodology-based software that provides analysts, developers, QAs and DBAs with database functionality that supports all stages of system development life cycles (SDLCs). Read more about Kal-Admin
VMware Tanzu Greenplum is a solution for enterprise analytics. It can be used to create and deploy models for complex applications in many areas, including cybersecurity, risk management, fraud detection, and others. Greenplum can be hosted on-premise as well as on public or private clouds. It is designed for container orchestration systems like... Read more about VMware Tanzu Greenplum
SuperLumin mitigates bandwidth restraints and improves the user experience by creating scalable private or enterprise CDN (content delivery networks) solutions. The heart of the platform is the content acceleration policy engine. SuperLumin provides proprietary software that is known for its modular design, flexibility, reliability, and performance... Read more about SuperLumin
The SQLSyncer is a fully automated and platform independent application to migrate and synchronize your databases. It helps you to migrate local and virtually hosted SQL Server instances to a newer version and ensures your business continuity. Read more about SQLSyncer
Instaclustr Apache Kafka is an on-premise and cloud-based software designed to help Apache Kafka users handle and manage the configuration of clusters to facilitate application building and development processes. Supervisors can use the management console to gain an overview of real-time data streams using monitoring statistics and actionable... Read more about Instaclustr Apache Kafka
EasyQuery is an advanced query builder that allows IT administrators to build complex queries and implement search capabilities for .Net/ASP.Net applications. Read more about EasyQuery
Kalido MDM is a master data management solution designed to help businesses automatically send information to end users through business intelligence (BI) tools. It offers a business information modeler (BIM), a visual modeling interface, which lets users participate in developing requirements and modeling data. Read more about Kalido MDM
Amazon DocumentDB is a database management tool that supports mission-critical MongoDB workloads. The platform enables software developers to store, query, and index JSON data, configure workflows, and replicate multiple copies of business data across various AWS Availability Zones (AZs). Read more about Amazon DocumentDB
RethinkDB is a JSON database platform designed to help businesses and professionals create applications with real-time data. Administrators can build dashboards with push notifications to streamline decision-making processes. Read more about RethinkDB
Inmagic DB is a database management system that's combined with Inmagic TextWorks, text-retrieval software, to create a content management and knowledge management solution for organizations of any size. Read more about Inmagic DB/TextWorks
Universal Vehicle Database (UVDB) by Partly is a database management software designed to help businesses manage and share vehicle data with internal and external stakeholders. Read more about Universal Vehicle Database
Secure Eraser is a cloud-based data disposal software that allows users to overwrite sensitive information that can never be retrieved. Read more about Secure Eraser
Sequel Pro is a Mac database management solution that allows users to easily manage MySQL databases. Read more about Sequel Pro
Partly API lets auto part sellers query parts and vehicle data from Partly databases. eCommerce websites, marketplace platforms and industry software providers use the API to share and access part information and part-vehicle fitment data. It's developer-friendly and built for scalability. Read more about Partly API
Datatron is a network-compatible database software package for Windows operating systems, which can be used by anyone to create individual databases. The stored data includes images and videos. Read more about Datatron
Fhirbase is an open-source data management toolkit built on PostgreSQL, which is designed to help healthcare organizations store, manage, and retrieve information in the database. Supervisors can utilize the built-in API to import data on the platform and streamline Create, Read, Update, Delete (CRUD) operations. Read more about Fhirbase
PL/SQL Developer helps Oracle developers create, beautify, edit, debug and monitor PL/SQL databases. Read more about PL/SQL Developer
IBM Cloud Pak for Data is a cloud-based database and AI solution, which provides features such as AI lifecycle management, an intelligent knowledge catalog, distributed data processing, a cloud-based data warehouse, and multi-cloud data access. Read more about IBM Cloud Pak for Data
IBM Informix is a cloud-based database solution, which provides features such as real-time analytics, high availability data replication (HADR), and automated data management. Read more about IBM Informix
AWS for Data includes analytics, data center, and database management solutions that help businesses extract insights from data faster, combine and replicate data across multiple data stores, manage infrastructure for data lakes, and implement machine learning and predictive analytic capabilities in Read more about AWS for Data
nuvo is a tool that automates and streamlines the data onboarding process, which can benefit both companies and their customers. The application is suitable for importing all kinds of data and documents. nuvo uses a validation process to ensure the quality of imported data. Read more about nuvo
Amazon Neptune enables predictions with machine learning, improving accuracy by over 50 percent compared to non-graph methods. Read more about Amazon Neptune

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