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AI pre-employment assessment solution for volume hiring
Harver is an AI-powered pre-employment assessment solution built to support the recruitment processes of enterprise sized companies around the globe Read more about Harver
Smart, one-way video interviewing software
Reworking is a video interview software designed to provide recruiters & hiring managers with insight on the personality & communication style of candidates before speaking to them. Hiring managers can set questions for candidates to respond to via video before moving them forward to interview. Read more about Reworking
Pre-employment testing software for HR professionals
TestGorilla is a pre-employment testing software designed to help businesses manage the entire hiring lifecycle, from creating assessments and inviting candidates to performing an in-depth review of results. Read more about TestGorilla
Pre-employment testing and assessment management software
CodinGame Assessment is an pre-employment testing platform that allows companies to assess candidates’ technical skills before hiring, saving time and money. Read more about CodinGame for Work
Make Better Talent Decisions
Criteria helps organizations make better talent decisions using objective, multidimensional data. By combining leading-edge data science with validation backed by I/O psychologists, HireSelect offers the most precise skills, aptitude, personality, and emotional intelligence assessments available. Read more about Criteria
Video interview platform for hiring faster, better! is a online video interview platform that offers on-demand and live video interviews along with analytics & collaboration to speed up hiring process Read more about EasyHire
Applicant tracking, video interview & personality testing
Leverage our personality assessment tool to assemble more diverse and successful teams. Find employees that truly fit in your team! Read more about skeeled
Video recruitment software for recruiters and applicants
Talentcube is a video recruiting software, which helps users streamline operations for identifying talent, inviting applicants, reviewing applications, and conducting interviews. Candidates can also create resumes, send video applications, and track their application status. Read more about Talentcube
Online examination software for recruiters and trainers
Test Invite is an online examination software designed to help SMBs, enterprises, and public administrations conduct supervised and customizable tests. Test Invite enables users to lock down browser activity, monitor and record live video streams, and place access restrictions to ensure security. Read more about Test Invite
Pre-employment testing solution predicting Strengths & Risks
In over 100 countries, TalentClick helps predict Strengths AND Risks through behavioral employee assessments and pre-hire personality testing. Read more about TalentClick
Cloud-based pre-employment testing software
Evalart is a cloud-based software that helps organizations conduct online assessments to identify candidates based on skills, aptitude, knowledge level, and specific abilities. Online proctoring functionality allows supervisors to identify and analyze illegal or suspicious activities. Read more about Evalart
Candidate screening & assessment software for employers
Tazio is a recruiting platform which combines aptitude tests, video interviewing, situational judgement tests, realistic job previews, and hybrid assessments in order to help businesses find the best candidates for the job. Tazio can be used to schedule interviews, score candidates, and more. Read more about Tazio
Cloud-based and white-labeled video interviewing platform
InterviewApp is a cloud-based recruiting solution designed to help businesses of all sizes conduct one-way video interviews by inviting candidates to a unified platform. Administrators can track the status of interviews as completed, opened, pending, expired, bounced or declined on a centralized dashboard as graphs and export statistics into XLS... Read more about InterviewApp
Hire Talent, Not Resumes.
Meet Bryq, a Talent Intelligence Platform created to eliminate the biases, time constraints, and inefficient decisions that result from the traditional hiring process. Bryq’s platform creates the ideal candidate profile, blindly screens based on fit, and finds the most valuable pool of candidates. Read more about Bryq
Assessment system for testing applicants’ knowledge & skills
The Selection Lab is an assessment management software designed to help HR agencies evaluate the knowledge and skills of job applicants. It enables recruiters to automatically identify candidate profiles according to organizations’ requirements and calculate the quality-of-hire value. Read more about The Selection Lab
Automated video-based pre-employment testing
AlignMark streamlines the job application process through the use of video-based technology to select and gauge candidates; saving time, and allowing the best candidates to make their way to the top all while creating a better employment application experience. Read more about AccuRecruiter
Platform for assessing, analyzing, and comparing candidates
Backed by extensive scientific I-O research, the WonScore assessment analyzes three crucial components of a candidate: cognitive ability, personality, and motivation. Using this data, we ensure that you as the employer are hiring the very most qualified person for your position and your team. Read more about WonScore
Talent Assessment Platform–Skills Tests, JobFit&Video Interv
eSkill provides pre-employment tests that help businesses screen candidates and assess JobFit. They can use pre-prepared tests or choose from thousands of questions from the eSkill Library to create customized job assessments. They can also include questions that simulate real-life job situations. Read more about eSkill
All-in-one recruiting & talent management system
talentReef is a social recruiting and talent management system designed for use with hourly workforces in service businesses or franchises Read more about talentReef
Pre-Employment Testing Software for HR Hiring Managers
HR Avatar Pre-Employment Tests assess cognitive abilities, personality, skills, behavior, emotional intelligence and include simulations of job-related tasks. Make great hires with our employment testing, live and virtual video interviewing, remote test proctoring, and automated reference checks. Read more about HR Avatar
Personality & Competency Pre-Employment Testing Resources
The Hire Talent is a pre-employment assessment solution with which companies can measure candidates’ people skills, critical thinking, sales aptitude, and more Read more about The Hire Talent
See who can do the job before they get the job.
Test the skills and attitude of hundreds of candidates simultaneously, using simulations written by experts. Read more about Vervoe
The most advanced assessment platform for technical hiring
CodeSignal is the most predictive pre-employment testing software that assesses developer candidates at every step of the hiring process. Read more about CodeSignal
Pre-employment testing suite
Prevue Assessment Suite combines pre-employment assessments measuring candidate motivations, interests, aptitude, and personality to inform hiring decisions Read more about Prevue Assessments
Employee assessments & talent analytic tools
The Devine Group is a employee assessment and talent analysis tool for employers and recruiters which is designed to help businesses match the right candidates to each job opening. The online tool uses pre-employment testing and competency-based assessments to aid in making smarter hiring decisions. Read more about The Devine Group Suite
The Digital Platform to Build the Modern Team
HireVue is purpose-built to help organizations accelerate their hiring process, improve candidate and employee experiences, and train and coach the best teams Read more about HireVue
Skills assessment and interview management platform
HackerRank is a cloud-based technical skills assessment software that enables businesses to evaluate developers' skills, conduct remote interviews, and track candidate performance. Using the built-in content library, recruiters can create customizable hiring assessments based on specific job roles Read more about HackerRank
Coding assessment platform for technical interviews
Coderbyte is a cloud-based technical assessment platform that helps companies conduct coding assessments with a library of skill-based questions, challenges, and templates. Administrators can utilize the activity dashboard to monitor activity and send invitation links to potential candidates. Read more about Coderbyte
Pre-employment Tests for Job Applicants (Skills, Aptitude)
EmployTest helps companies, governments and non-profits hire better with our pre-employment tests. We have tests for most entry->mid-level jobs, including specific tests for admin support, customer service, sales, management and industry specific (medical, legal, hospitality, industrial & more). Read more about EmployTest
Online pre-employment assessment solution
Interview Mocha is an online pre-employment testing solution which enables the evaluation of multiple skills using pre-built or custom assessments Read more about iMocha
Assessment tool for hiring, retaining and developing talent
OutMatch is a single cloud-based recruitment platform for businesses, that assists with the hiring, retention and development of talented employees with candidate assessments, on-demand interview guidance, automated reference checking, onboarding, and the derivation of actionable workforce analytics Read more about Outmatch
Tech technical assessment platform for tech hiring teams
Codility's evidence-based platform helps hiring teams predict the real-life skills of their candidates, at scale. This brings faster hiring, time savings, and gives engineers more time to solve problems that matter. That’s why Slack, Microsoft and Tesla are using us already. Read more about Codility
Pre-employment assessment for candidates & hiring managers
Berke is an online pre-employment assessment tool that evaluates the skills and personality traits of candidates to determine their fit for a job Read more about Berke
Team personality, skill & culture testing and mapping
Cloverleaf is a cloud-based personal & team development tool which assesses multiple dimensions of employee performance, cross-maps team data, identifies gaps and misaligned expectations, and enables scenario planning to discover hidden talent or locate the right roles or project teams for new hires Read more about Cloverleaf
Top-of-the-funnel pre-employment candidate assessment
Plum is a cloud-based pre-employment testing solution which assesses applicants on their problem solving abilities, behavior & attitude, and social intelligence Read more about Plum
Talent measurement and pre-employment assessment tool
Mercer Mettl Assessment Battery is a cloud-based talent measurement tool which helps firms manage applications, conduct assessments and map competency. It is primarily designed to help companies measure the suitability of job applicants on the basis of psychometric, cognitive and technical skills. Read more about Mercer Mettl Assessment Battery
AI-powered interviews for recruitment
PredictiveHire is a conversational interview platform that helps hiring teams with candidate assessment and interviewing. The cloud-based platform uses an AI (artificial intelligence) powered bot to carry out initial chat interviews and provides predictive intelligence to aid with hiring decisions. Read more about PredictiveHire
Pre-employment testing platform for hiring developers
Woven is a pre-employment testing platform designed to help businesses screen and recruit technical candidates using curated work simulations. It allows engineering teams to streamline hiring funnels by analyzing candidates' job simulations in alignment with current benchmarks set for the team. Read more about Woven
Pre-employment testing and assessment software
Thomas International is a pre-employment testing software that helps HR teams streamline recruitment and talent acquisition processes. It enables managers to gain insights into the applicant’s behavior, aptitude, and personality through psychometric, business intelligence, and other assessments. Read more about Thomas International
Employee assessment software for businesses of all sizes
The Assessment Company is a cloud-based solution designed to help businesses automate the employee assessment lifecycle through 360-degree feedback, personality tests, and behavioral analysis. Corporate trainers can use the learning programs to enhance communication and productivity across teams. Read more about The Assessment Company
Cloud-based pre-employment testing solution
Employment Technologies is a cloud-based training solution that helps small to large enterprises in retail, healthcare, hospitality, and other industries conduct pre-employment assessments. Managers can rate candidate profiles based on assessment results and generate performance reports. Read more about Employment Technologies
AI-powered talent acquisition and video interviewing
Talview's Pre-employment Testing Software is an enterprise product that helps you assess candidate skills with customizable & secure online tests such as coding, MCQs, personality, aptitude, complex STEM, & more. Evaluate candidates on a large scale with mobile friendly & remotely proctored tests. Read more about Talview Hiring
Humantelligence is a culture management platform.
Unlike traditional assessments, Humantelligence focuses on using your data to find candidates that will thrive in your culture. You can measure the behaviors, motivators, and work energizers of employees and teams to then become more intentional in hiring for culture. Read more about Humantelligence
A pre-interview ATS to automate 80% of pre-screening tasks.
Our light ATS automates 80% of the pre-screening process with AI-powered one-way video interviews. Let us identify your top candidates so you can make great hires more efficiently. Sign up for a free trial today (no credit card required)! Read more about Interviewer.AI
Closing the loop on learning.
With Trivie, companies can train remotely with confidence. Based on cognitive science, adaptive learning, and gamification, Trivie ensures employees remember training information through science-based automation. Trivie is 100% self-service and can be deployed in minutes. Read more about Trivie
Pre-employment testing & applicant ranking for HR teams
Why just track when you can rank? HireScore offers quick and easy applicant ranking, backed by industry-leading assessment technology. Read more about HireScore
We make hiring easy. Complete Hiring Automation - Free Demo!
HireMojo is the best and easiest way you'll ever make a hire. HireMojo is a complete all-in-one hiring automation solution designed for hiring managers, HR staff, and recruiters. Leveraging a data-driven job description and interview question database, included premium job marketing, and automated candidate screening and scoring, we make sure... Read more about HireMojo
Pre-employment testing and hiring management solution
Hire Success is a pre-employment testing solution that helps businesses streamline recruiting processes including baseline creation, interview scheduling, and job campaign management. It lets users build brand-specific websites to post job vacancies and request important information from candidates. Read more about Hire Success
Atomic Hire - Human-Centric Recruitment
Atomic Hire improves your hiring decisions by making it easier for your team to collaborate on your candidate pipeline. Achieve exceptional hiring results when you unleash the full wisdom of your team. Get all the information you need in one place and optimise your recruitment process. Read more about Atomic Hire
Pre-employment behavior and personality testing
We integrate with your online hiring process to assess applicants' behavior and personality, so you'll know if they truly fit with the role. Each assessment outcome generates an intelligent FitScore for every applicant, giving you valuable insight about someone before you even consider their resume. Read more about TalentSorter
Pre-employment testing platform for assessing Excel skills
Rate My Excel is a pre-employment testing platform designed to help businesses assess job applicants' Microsoft Excel skills on a centralized platform. Hiring managers can use the cloud-based dashboard to invite candidates for tests via personalized emails. Read more about Rate My Excel
Online assessment & examination platform
QuizCV is a flexible and scalable online examination platform that allows users to create any kind of online exams, invite people and collect results Read more about QuizCV
Skill assessment platform to recruit software engineers
Qualified is a cloud-based skills assessment platform that helps organizations assess the competency levels of software engineers through skill-based tests. Key features include performance tracking, test-case scoring, notifications, code-pairing sessions, and reviews. Read more about Qualified
Recruitment management platform with skill assessment tools
TAQE is a recruitment management software that helps businesses screen candidates, assess skills, and schedule interviews. Recruiters can configure applicant requirements based on multiple assessments, such as personality, skills, language proficiency, logic, and general knowledge. Read more about TAQE
Modular, cloud-based recruiting suite
softfactors is a cloud-based suite of recruiting tools which includes an applicant tracking system (ATS), prescreening, and assessment modules for measuring both the hard and soft skills of applicants and automatically matching candidates to open positions Read more about softfactors
Psychometric and Pre-Employment Skills Testing Software
Xobin is the most comprehensive Pre-employment Testing solution with 800+ Job specific assessments. Optimize the Entire Recruitment Life Cycle Using Xobin Pre-employment Testing Platform. Select any skill assessment test or customize it as per the hiring requirement. Read more about Interact
Video interview and pre-employment assessment software
Cangrade is a video interview and pre-employment assessment software that helps businesses handle processes related to talent acquisition, onboarding, skill testing, and more. Recruiters can conduct soft skill testing and automatically generate feedback to analyze candidates’ core strengths. Read more about Cangrade
Game based assessment tools for recruitment & selection
Owiwi is a game based talent assessment tool for the candidate recruitment & selection process using interactive gameplay and advanced scientific methodology Read more about Owiwi
Hire for your company culture and core values
Moonshot Insights helps companies hire for their desired culture and core values, creating custom analyses and pre-employment assessments. With us, you can measure your culture's health, compare yourself to innovative, caring and other types of cultures, and assess up to 50 job applicants, for free. Read more about Moonshot Insights
Video interviewing platform for recruitment
EZHire Digital Interview Platform is a video interview platform for recruiting that offers tools to help manage the entire interview process. The platform allows businesses to assign questions or assessments to applicants & facilitates self-recording of answers using video recording tools. Read more about EZHire
Pre-employment testing software to identify top candidates
EYardstick is a cloud-based skills assessment tool, which provides hiring teams with the tools to build and assign online pre-employment assessments and tests to candidates. It facilitates video assessments, coding simulators, sales & marketing simulators, writing ability tests, and custom tests. Read more about EYardstick
AI-enabled software for evaluating candidates’ data skills
QuantHub is an artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled software designed to help businesses analyze applicants’ skills to streamline the hiring operations. The application enables HR teams to identify and assess job candidates’ profiles based on their existing skills, languages, and behavior. Read more about quanthub
The Online Pre-Employment Testing Solution
TestUP is a pre-employment testing solution that provides high-quality aptitude, personality, and skills tests to help you hire the best talents fast. Read more about TestUP
Predictive recruitment & candidate selection
AssessFirst is a predictive recruitment SaaS application allowing HR and recruiters to predict how well applicants will succeed and thrive in their future job and company. Read more about AssessFirst
Pre-employment Testing using AI algorithms
pymetrics is a human resource (HR) management solution that helps businesses streamline recruiting processes by utilizing behavioral analytics & artificial intelligence (AI) technology. Managers can secure critical data via end-to-end encryption using Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS). Read more about Pymetrics
Clous-based pre-employment & training assessment platform
Testofy is a cloud-based assessment platform designed to help enterprises organize tests and evaluate candidates for recruitment or training. Features include white-labeling, secure data storage, analytics, question tagging, multi-language support, chat, video recording, and reporting. Read more about Testofy
Skills Testing Done Right
Skillmeter is a cloud testing platform that is simple, fast and intuitive. Create tests, assign them to your candidates and receive the results instantly. The tests can be timed, scored, and with a wide variety of question types. Measuring skills has never been this easy! Read more about Skillmeter
Technical screening software for testing programmer aptitude
QuodeIt is a specialized candidate screening solution that enables recruiters to test and verify the technical aptitude of programmers or software developers Read more about QuodeIT
Employee assessment solution for small to large businesses
Caliper Essentials is an employee assessment and reporting solution, which helps businesses handle selection, coaching, training, development, & evaluation. The Caliper Profile tool provides objective assessments, which help users measure candidates' characteristics to predict on-the-job behaviors. Read more about Caliper Essentials
Pre-employment testing via assessment games
BrainsFirst is an assessment game platform for talent selection. Recruiters in human resources and sports can use the data-driven cognitive testing to support recruitment decision making. The BrainsFirst brain testing is based on neurological scientific research from the University of Amsterdam. Read more about BrainsFirst
Cloud-based pre-employment testing solution
interview builder is a cloud-based pre-employment testing solution that enables colleges, universities, and businesses to improve candidate evaluation and streamline hiring processes. Users can design interview guides based on role requisitions, industry-specific questions, and interview formats. Read more about interview builder
Pre-employment testing and training management software
Relias Assessments is a employee training management software that is designed for healthcare organizations in multiple industry verticals, such as hospitals, long-term care, behavioral health, community health, development disabilities, rehabilitation therapy, and substance use disorder. Read more about Relias Assessments
Cloud-based pre-employment testing and assessment software
LearningBranch is a pre-employment testing and language learning software that helps corporate businesses, healthcare organizations & educational institutions conduct skill assessments to streamline training and hiring processes. Students can deliver voice assignments & participate in oral tests. Read more about LearningBranch
Recruitment management and pre-employment testing tool
Softy is a recruitment software designed to help businesses of all sizes manage career websites, job applications, candidates, video interviews, and more on a centralized platform. Hiring teams can create offers and distribute, advertise, and publish them across multiple websites or job boards. Read more about Softy
Pre-employment testing and performance evaluation software
PsicoSmart is a pre-employment testing and performance evaluation software designed to help businesses monitor employees’ performance and streamline recruiting processes. Supervisors can import applicants’ information on the platform and assess candidates’ skills using psychotechnical evaluations. Read more about PsicoSmart
Talent solutions to help companies hire, develop, and retain
From startups to established enterprises, McQuaig helps companies looking for a talent solution that improves hiring accuracy while providing development options to prepare workforces for the future. Read more about McQuaig
The Right Behaviors, The Right Talent, The Right Jobs
Scheig Solutions provides job-specific, behaviorally based, talent selection and people development solutions to companies worldwide. Read more about SelectRight Hiring Solution
Language assessment platform
Pipplet, an online language testing and evaluation platform delivering professional spoken and written skills testing in 30+ languages. Read more about Pipplet
Online Talent Assessments for HR
TestGenius online pre-employment testing suite features HR assessments to measure office and computer skills, Microsoft Office applications testing and training, customer service, retail, finance, and public-safety dispatcher skills. Read more about TestGenius
Pre-employment testing tool to evaluate programmers’ skills
CoderPad is a pre-employment testing software designed to help businesses conduct remote interviews with programmers and evaluate their technical skills. It enables organizations to create a question bank of live interview questions, add instructions with multiple steps and test cases for candidates, attach additional documents, and record... Read more about CoderPad