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Brand intelligence platform for online revenue protection.
Red Points is a brand intelligence platform that assists businesses with removing counterfeit products, eliminating online piracy, claiming/monetizing content rights, and monitoring sellers automatically to safeguard any brand’s future. Read more about Red Points
Intellectual Property Management
Wellspring IP Management is a cloud-based intellectual property management solution that helps small to large businesses capture and streamline processes for managing knowledge assets, trademarks, copyrights, and patents. The centralized platform allows users to gain visibility into portfolios. Read more about Wellspring IP Management
Trademark & intellectual property management solution
TM Cloud is a trademark & intellectual property management solution designed for all jurisdictions, with automatic USPTO status updates, and free data intake.Global access to trademark and patent databases Read more about TM Cloud
IP docketing software for lawyers
Alt Legal is an IP docketing platform that helps lawyers prepare and manage intellectual property including trademarks, copyrights, and patents. The solution automatically updates case statuses and deadlines, instantly generates IP filings, and seamlessly collects key client details. Read more about Alt Legal
Software for managing patents, trademarks, and designs
HeliosComplete helps businesses manage portfolios, communication, applications, docketing, and maintenance operations. The platform lets users streamline the product onboarding process by importing and verifying portfolio data and updating bibliographies, due dates, inventors, and other information. Read more about HeliosComplete
Essential patent prosecution tools for Microsoft Word.
ClaimMaster is a Microsoft Word add-in for automated proofreading, drafting, and analysis of patent claims, patent application drafts, and Office Action responses. Read more about ClaimMaster
Digital client engagement platform
9Lenses is a software platform for consultants and executives to manage their Intellectual Property (IP), eliminating manual data crunching & improve analysis Read more about 9Lenses
Intellectual Property Made Easy
IPzen is a legal case and trademark portfolio management tool build by lawyers, for lawyers. IPzen gives you complete access to your trademarks and related files. Read more about IPzen
Docketing & IP management
AppColl Prosecution Manager is a full-featured docketing software for small intellectual property management and patent attorney firms Read more about AppColl Prosecution Manager
Intelligent web-based trademark management platform
TrademarkNow is an intelligent web-based trademark management platform designed to help enterprise companies, law firms & branding agencies search, watch, research & analyze trademarks with a range of products including ExaMatch, NameCheck, NameWatch, Competitor Watch, Portfolio 360, & more. Read more about Portfolio 360
Solution for the management of intellectual property assets
Pris IP Manager is software for the control and management of intellectual property assets. Through it, brand and patent managers can supervise deadlines, track citations made in magazines, develop strategic management, and make budget projections. Read more about Pris IP Manager


IP assets and intellectual property management software
Bernstein is a web-based software designed to help start-ups and high-tech companies utilize blockchain technology to protect intellectual properties and digital assets. Ideas are uploaded, certified three times, and locally encrypted. Read more about Bernstein
Everything Starts With an IDEA
Unlock hidden insights in the global Patent Database! Accelerate your patent analysis, and make more informed decisions Read more about Orbit Intelligence


Versatile IP software tailored to your individual needs
Complete management software suite offering solutions tailored to your workflow and flexible reporting & dashboard tools. Read more about DIAMS