About UKG Ready

UKG Ready™ combines the power of HR, talent, payroll, scheduling, and time to deliver a personalized, people-centered experience that cuts out busy work, increases efficiency, and helps you maintain compliance.

UKG Ready features a single employee record shared across all its applications. All employee data is maintained in a single database, which provides a single source of truth with common reporting, dashboards, and robust workflows. Data is updated in real-time, so managers can make decisions based on the latest, most accurate information. And it’s all available anytime, anywhere, on any device with a modern look and feel so you can easily meet the needs of your organization and your people.

UKG™ (Ultimate Kronos Group) delivers HCM, payroll, HR service delivery, and workforce management solutions to drive better business outcomes, improve HR effectiveness, and create a more connected experience for everyone.

Key benefits of UKG Ready

  • Integrate HR, time and attendance, payroll, and more for a single employee record — and real-time updates for informed business decisions in the moment.

  • Get a streamlined single employee record shared across all applications with UKG Ready.

  • Unified dashboards, reporting, and workflow for the entire workforce.

  • The solution is cloud-based, meaning the organization stays up to date at all times.

  • UKG Ready offers mobile applications (iOS, Android, Windows Phone) which are included free of charge.

  • Devices

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    S M L


    Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Germany and 4 others, United Kingdom, India, Mexico, United States

    Supported Languages

    Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Spanish


    Talent Acquisition
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    Total features of UKG Ready: 184

    • ACA Reporting
    • API
    • Access Controls/Permissions
    • Action Management
    • Activity Dashboard
    • Ad hoc Reporting
    • Administrative Reporting
    • Alerts/Notifications
    • Applicant Tracking
    • Applications Management
    • Appointment Scheduling
    • Approval Process Control
    • Assessment Management
    • Attendance Management
    • Attendance Tracking
    • Audit Trail
    • Auto Scheduler
    • Automated Scheduling
    • Automatic Time Capture
    • Availability Management
    • Background Screening
    • Benchmarking
    • Benefits Dashboard
    • Benefits Management
    • Billing & Invoicing
    • Biometric Recognition
    • Biometrics
    • Budgeting/Forecasting
    • COBRA Administration
    • CRM
    • Calendar Management
    • Candidate Management
    • Candidate Profiles
    • Candidate Tracking
    • Career Development
    • Certification & Licensing
    • Certification Tracking
    • Check Printing
    • Clock In / Out
    • Collaboration Tools
    • Compensation Management
    • Compensation Statements
    • Competency Management
    • Compliance Management
    • Compliance Tracking
    • Configurable Workflow
    • Contractor Management
    • Customisable Reports
    • Customisable Templates
    • Data Visualisation
    • Direct Deposit
    • Document Management
    • E-Verify/I-9 Forms
    • Electronic Forms
    • Electronic Signature
    • Email Management
    • Email Marketing
    • Email Templates
    • Employee Benefits Administration
    • Employee Database
    • Employee Handbook
    • Employee Management
    • Employee Onboarding
    • Employee Portal
    • Employee Profiles
    • Employee Recognition
    • Employee Scheduling
    • Employee Self Service
    • Employee Time Tracking
    • Enrollments/Onboarding
    • Exception Reporting
    • Exceptions Management
    • FMLA Administration
    • Facility Scheduling
    • Feedback Management
    • Float Pool Management
    • Geolocation
    • Goal Management
    • Goal Setting / Tracking
    • HIPAA Compliant
    • HR Management
    • HSA/FSA Administration
    • Health Insurance Administration
    • Heatmaps
    • Individual Development Plans
    • Internal Chat Integration
    • Internal HR
    • Interview Management
    • Interview Scheduling
    • Job Application Management
    • Job Description Management
    • Job Posting
    • Job Requisition
    • Job Scheduling
    • Jobs Board
    • Labor Cost Reporting
    • Labor Forecasting
    • Labor Management
    • Leave Policy Management
    • Leave Tracking
    • Messaging
    • Messaging/Shift Dispatching
    • Mobile Access
    • Mobile Time Tracking
    • Multi-Location
    • Multi-State
    • Multiple Billing Rates
    • Negative Feedback Management
    • On-going Performance Tracking
    • Onboarding
    • Online Benefits Enrollment
    • Online Booking
    • Online Punch Card
    • Online Scheduling
    • Online Time Clock
    • Online Time Tracking Software
    • Orientation Workflow Management
    • Overtime Calculation
    • Payroll Management
    • Payroll Reporting
    • Peer Appraisals
    • Performance Appraisal
    • Performance Management
    • Performance Metrics
    • Performance Review Management
    • Policy Management
    • Predictive Analytics
    • Prioritisation
    • Process Control
    • Promotions Management
    • Provider Management
    • Pulse Surveys
    • Punch card
    • Question Library
    • Real Time Analytics
    • Real Time Data
    • Real Time Monitoring
    • Real-time Scheduling
    • Real-time Updates
    • Records Management
    • Recruiting Firms
    • Recruitment Management
    • Reference Checking
    • Reminders
    • Reporting & Statistics
    • Reporting/Analytics
    • Requisition Management
    • Resource Scheduling
    • Resume Parsing
    • Resume Search
    • Resume Storage
    • Retention Management
    • Review Cycle Tracking
    • Salaried Employee Tracking
    • Salary History
    • Search/Filter
    • Self Scheduling
    • Self Service Portal
    • Shift Scheduling
    • Shift Swapping
    • Sick Leave Tracking
    • Skills Tracking
    • Social Media Integration
    • Status Tracking
    • Succession Planning
    • Talent Acquisition
    • Task Management
    • Tax Compliance
    • Template Management
    • Time & Attendance
    • Time Clock
    • Time Off Management
    • Time Off Requests
    • Time Tracking
    • Timesheet Management
    • Training Management
    • Training Record Management
    • Trend Analysis
    • Vacation/Leave Tracking
    • Variable Workforce
    • Visual Analytics
    • W-2 Preparation
    • Wage Garnishment
    • Workflow Management



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    4.1 /5
    Value for Money
    Ease of Use
    Customer Support

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    Jeff K.
    Overall rating
    • Industry: Hospitality
    • Company size: 10,000+ Employees
    • Used Daily for 1+ year
    • Review Source

    Overall rating

    • Ease of Use
    • Likelihood to recommend 10.0 /10

    Kronos for Workplace Scheduling

    Reviewed on 06/03/2020

    My regular work for the last year or so has recorded my hours and wages via clocking in with my...

    My regular work for the last year or so has recorded my hours and wages via clocking in with my badge on the Kronos system. I have learned to utilize it for all I can. I see my previous work info before payroll is done and can view future schedules and current numbers and earnings. I work for a terrific and large company and Kronos has been a decent timecard tool.


    I have had a regular job that uses this system to clock in and clock out employees.But the device has so much more that allows us to see specifics-specifics related to current pay periods, previous and future. I can see my schedule on the little box and it's really a simplified tool.


    I am on the fence on dislikes. My biggest is likely just what happens but I have had times that I did clock in and it did strange things.An example was an evening that meal break button led to clocking out for the shift.Random but troublesome because our version is not designed to allow management to alter or adjust our needs or problems directly through the system. Qe have to use a paper log for HR or Payroll. So smooth yet missing an easy touch.

    Jana Y.
    Overall rating
    • Industry: Mental Health Care
    • Company size: 201-500 Employees
    • Used Daily for 2+ years
    • Review Source

    Overall rating

    • Value for Money
    • Ease of Use
    • Customer Support
    • Likelihood to recommend 9.0 /10


    Reviewed on 21/01/2020

    Overall I have had a great experience with Kronos. I love the learning feature. I have only had...

    Overall I have had a great experience with Kronos. I love the learning feature. I have only had issues with the new interface.


    I love the ease of clocking in and out. The phone app is great especially with being able to clock in or out even when you are off line. Love the tracking feature also for the phone app. I also like the reporting module. It is very versatile and I can make reports for individuals exact likes, wants and needs.


    I do not like the new interface at all. It takes longer to get to everything. I feel like I have at least 2 to 3 more clicks of the mouse to get anywhere I need to go. Also the time card seems more messy and harder for the employees to read.

    Amy B.
    Overall rating
    • Industry: Accounting
    • Company size: 2-10 Employees
    • Used Daily for 2+ years
    • Review Source

    Overall rating

    • Ease of Use
    • Customer Support
    • Likelihood to recommend 9.0 /10

    Everything you need to manage the most valuable part of your business - Employees

    Reviewed on 08/03/2021


    Feature heavy. Seems improbable you would not find the features you need. Customize screens to have the info most frequently accessed at your fingertips. Extensive reporting.


    Changes in design can be bumpy when you have finally mastered the system.

    Majeeda P.
    Overall rating
    • Industry: Recreational Facilities & Services
    • Company size: 501-1,000 Employees
    • Used Daily for 6-12 months
    • Review Source

    Overall rating

    • Value for Money
    • Ease of Use
    • Customer Support
    • Likelihood to recommend 5.0 /10

    A good software but not unfortunately designed for Park Districts.

    Reviewed on 23/08/2019

    I liked the support staff that helped me with issues that arose. In particularly, I want to say...

    I liked the support staff that helped me with issues that arose. In particularly, I want to say that they were great, even though, they could not always help me. They made an honest effort and tried to even make logical solutions to help remedy my issues. Rep was by far my favorite support persons. Please let them know that I appreciated their time and energies. They did a tremendous job helping me with the software and always followed up and followed through. I will miss our lengthy support sessions!


    There was some level of customizing available.


    It was not a software designed for an organization like mine, a park district. In our organization, most employees work in more than one role at all times. Kronos could only keep general record of one job with one pay rate to each employee (we did not have the Payroll portion of Kronos). Some notifications that we needed were not available. Creating forms from scratch was difficult. Webinars were very long (3 Hours). Kronos was not as customizable for us as we had hoped. many things that we wanted to do with the system were not possible. Applicants had a hard time applying through the software. I had constant issues with log-ins.

    Elena W.
    Overall rating
    • Industry: Construction
    • Company size: 501-1,000 Employees
    • Used Daily for 1+ year
    • Review Source

    Overall rating

    • Ease of Use
    • Likelihood to recommend 10.0 /10

    One Word: EASY

    Reviewed on 16/02/2021

    Made my life as a manager easy. My admin and I were spending less time on their time cards, which...

    Made my life as a manager easy. My admin and I were spending less time on their time cards, which improved office efficiency overall.


    My favorite thing about this software is how easy it is to use. The admin team assigned to me used it for tracking their hours. It was very easy for me to see if they missed a punch, and it was also very easy to correct timecards. They had no issues with the software either.


    My only "con" (if you can even really call it that) was that I thought that the reports could be a bit more user-friendly. They weren't even bad reports though, to be honest. Overall, I don't really have any negative things to say about this software.

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    UKG Ready FAQs

    Below are some frequently asked questions for UKG Ready.

    We do not have any information about UKG Ready features

    UKG Ready has the following typical customers:

    201-500, 501-1,000, 1,001+

    UKG Ready supports the following languages:

    Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Spanish

    UKG Ready supports the following devices:

    Android (Mobile), iPhone (Mobile), iPad (Mobile)

    UKG Ready integrates with the following applications:

    LinkedIn for Business, SurePayroll, Workday HCM

    UKG Ready offers the following support options:

    Email/Help Desk, FAQs/Forum, Knowledge Base, Phone Support, Chat

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