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Application of AR/VR in healthcare in the UK

Published on 14/07/2022 by Sukanya Awasthi

Healthcare companies are possibly using virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technology with an aim to transform the healthcare sector digitally. Read further to learn more about the application of AR/VR in healthcare and how they can offer immersive real-life simulations for a better experience. In this... Continue Reading


Agri-Tech in the UK: What you need to know

Published on 14/06/2022 by Sukanya Awasthi

The United Kingdom is a becoming a growing market for agricultural transformation. In 2021, a £1.3 billion investment was made in Agri-Tech deals in the UK. In this article, we will look at the state of Agri-Tech in the UK, the sentiments of farmers around the same, and which technology are helping drive this digital Continue Reading


How to create a video marketing strategy for your business

Published on 05/05/2022 by Sukanya Awasthi

Video marketing is on the rise, and 86% of video marketers say that video content has been effective in generating leads. This article is aimed at marketers and content professionals looking to have a video marketing strategy in place for their business. In this article If you have an active internet connection,... Continue Reading


Top 4 robotic process automation tools for your business

Published on 29/04/2022 by Sukanya Awasthi

Administrative chores can take up a lot of time and possibly reduce the productivity of employees. A robotic process automation (RPA) system can help companies automate mundane, repetitive and labour-intensive tasks, and cut costs. In this article RPA is one of the fastest-growing technologies in the software market,... Continue Reading


4 Technology trends for SMEs in 2022

Published on 13/04/2022 by Sukanya Awasthi

The global technology landscape could be quickly changing with newer and more advanced technology being introduced in the market every few years. In this article, we will look at the top four technology trends which could potentially be garnering the attention of small to midsize enterprises (SMEs) in 2022. In this... Continue Reading


The rise of MarTech among SMEs

Published on 07/03/2022 by Sukanya Awasthi

This article will look at the marketing and technology (MarTech) landscape among small to midsize enterprises (SMEs), along with the benefits it offers and the challenges faced by businesses. In this article Marketing and technology might be becoming essential components for modern-day businesses. Companies today are... Continue Reading


4 Best personal trainer software and their key features

Published on 03/03/2022 by Sukanya Awasthi

This article will look at the best four personal trainer software along with their key features. We will also learn about the benefits offered by these tools to personal trainers. In this article The fitness industry landscape may be a fast-changing one, especially after the uncertainties caused by COVID-19. An... Continue Reading


Digital revolution in the restaurants and bars business

Published on 11/02/2022 by Sukanya Awasthi

This article will talk about a digital revolution in the bars and restaurants business. We will also look at how COVID-19 has affected the digital transformation of the hospitality industry. In this article If you have been to a restaurant or a bar recently, you might have scanned the menu through a QR code, placed Continue Reading


The use of drones in delivery and logistics in the UK

Published on 15/12/2021 by Sukanya Awasthi

In the battle to stay ahead of the competition, many firms may be looking to adopt business automation processes by leveraging the latest technology. That —combined with the way the pandemic has adversely affected the delivery of goods and services— may have led to companies reconsidering alternate ways of making... Continue Reading


32% of SME employees see no diversity in leadership teams

Published on 25/11/2021 by Sukanya Awasthi

Diversity in the small to midsize enterprise (SME) is a broad topic. In previous articles, we have explored it from the point of view of managers and begun to see how employees think and act regarding diversity. In this second article focusing on employees and diversity, we examine some of the issues in more detail. Continue Reading


Workplace diversity and inclusion is important for 75% of SME employees

Published on 15/11/2021 by Sukanya Awasthi

By any measure, the UK is a diverse place to live. According to data from the latest published census in 2011, 13% of the population belong to a non-white ethnic group —defined as Black, Asian, Mixed, or Other. But diversity also refers to other characteristics, including gender, gender identity, sexuality, religion,... Continue Reading


AI in fraud detection

Published on 28/10/2021 by Sukanya Awasthi

Organisations worldwide are adopting artificial intelligence (AI) to expand, automate, and analyse their business capabilities. Gartner estimates that cloud-based AI will grow by five times from 2019 to 2023, making it a popular cloud service. What is AI? AI can be described as technology that mimics human behaviour... Continue Reading


What is the difference between DaaS and VDI?

Published on 24/08/2021 by Sukanya Awasthi

As the UK is lifting restrictions and employees are returning to the office, businesses are looking at implementing a hybrid work model. As a result, companies are increasingly looking to adopt technologies like Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) and Desktop as a Service (DaaS) to meet the demands of remote working.... Continue Reading