4 video recruitment tools for successful onboarding of remote employees

Published on 08/10/2020 by Quirine Storm van Leeuwen and Sonia Navarrete

Video interviews are a useful tool for both recruiters and applicants, they provide an effective way to screen applicants remotely and allow recruiters to see the candidate in video before meeting them face-to-face. This approach not only saves recruiters money and time, but also gives recruiters and applicants more flexibility.

video recruitment software for HR teams

Video interviews have become more relevant than ever since the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis. Now that many countries have measures to keep their distance and solid remote work policies in place, it is a good solution for recruiters to conduct job interviews via video.

However, selecting a video recruitment tool for job interviews can be a difficult task due to a large number of products in the market. So to save recruiters some time, we’ve compiled a list of 4 popular tools available on GetApp. 

The tools on this list have at least the basic functionalities of video interview software (e.g. live interviewing and skills assessment/scoring). If you’d like to learn more about how we have selected these tools, check out our selection methodology at the bottom of this article. 

These are the 4 video recruitment tools we will discuss in this article:


Vectera is a cloud-based online conferencing platform. The tool offers support for HR teams with meeting room scheduling and video conference management. 

software for video recruiting

Vectera offers a ‘virtual conference room’ in which members can use a whiteboard to add in their ideas as well as upload documents during the meeting and job interviews. The information on the meeting (including the whiteboard) is saved in this virtual meeting room once the meeting ends, which is accessible for later access.

Takeaway: The free version offers basic support for occasional meetings, but if you are looking for more features for interviews and meetings, the Pro or Business/Integration version may be better suited.
  • Rating: 4.8/5
  • Free trial available: Yes
  • Free version available: Yes
  • Pricing: £7 per month ($8.99)

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RecRight is a cloud-based video recruitment solution that integrates with an applicant tracking system (ATS). 

The tool allows HR professionals to have one platform for ATS, video conferencing and candidate application follow up (e.g. via email, text or phone call). This helps teams to have all the candidate information in one place and provides an overview of the current hiring processes and candidates. The platform also allows team members to rate candidates with stars and leave comments on the candidate’s profile page for their HR colleagues.  

Takeaway: This is a tool aimed at HR teams that deal with a high volume of candidates,  focused on managing communication via a portal that facilitates agile communication between members and also incorporates video as a way to interview candidates. 
  • Rating: 4.8/5
  • Free trial available: Yes
  • Free version available: No
  • Pricing: £267 per month (€295) 

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myInterview is a cloud-based video interviewing solution aimed at companies who are looking to recruit using a video interview tool. The software incorporates a portal where team members can add in job descriptions, applications and video interviews. In addition, it allows for HR teams to leave comments on video interviews for their colleagues.  

The platform offers a free solution for companies looking to hire one candidate a month and a subscription-based option for companies looking at a higher number of candidates. 

Takeaway: This is a tool that can be helpful for those SMEs that only have one HR professional, as they can start with the free version and move to the subscription one once there is a need to recruit a higher number of candidates or add additional HR team members.
  • Rating: 4.8/5
  • Free trial available: Yes
  • Free version available: Yes
  • Pricing: £15 per month ($19) 

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Willo is a cloud-based recruitment management solution for HR teams. The main feature of this tool is that it allows candidates to submit videos for their application. This tool also allows teams to integrate with other software such as BambooHR, Breezy HR or Zoho Recruit as well as other apps such as Google Drive, Twitter or Slack.

There is a free version available for one user that includes scheduling assistant, support, and 25 responses per month. The Starter plan is aimed at SMEs and includes 150 responses per month and an unlimited number of interviews.

Takeaway: With the Starter plan (including a free trial), SMEs get video interviewing software that allows a number of interviews and responses that can be upgraded as the company grows and it also integrates with a number of other tools like applicant tracking systems (ATS) or collaboration tools. 
  • Rating: 4.8/5
  • Free trial available: Yes
  • Free version available: Yes
  • Pricing: £39.99/month

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The tools mentioned above have been selected following the below criteria:

  • Available on GetApp.co.uk
  • Available in the UK
  • Score over 4 stars
  • The highest number of reviews on GetApp.co.uk



This article may refer to products, programs or services that are not available in your country, or that may be restricted under the laws or regulations of your country. We suggest that you consult the software provider directly for information regarding product availability and compliance with local laws.

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